Glimpses Of Heaven

Only twice since September 14, 1993 have I dreamed of my daughter, Averie Ryne Hawkins, (Aug 16, 1993-Sept 14, 1993). I had heard of people dreaming of loved ones who had passed, and how it comforted them. Dreams that seemed real, as if they were actually with that person. I often wondered why I never […]

Removing The Spanx

Have you ever worn Spanx or a girdle? If you have, you know it’s terribly uncomfortable. It feels as if the life’s being squeezed out of you, you can hardly breathe and it hurts to sit for very long, but you look ten pounds lighter! We spend a lot of time trying to look like […]

Doo-doo Stinks! No Matter Who Did It

Have you ever been to a public restroom with just a couple stalls? They’re both occupied, you’re next in line, someone comes out, and you can tell by the awkward smile, they’ve left you a “surprise”. You really don’t want to go in there, but you’re about to pee your pants. When you get in […]

This Is THE Voice

Have you ever watched the show The Voice? It’s a show similar to American Idol, except people are judged only on their voices, the judges can’t see them. If the judges like what they hear, they turn around during the song. If they didn’t like them they turn around after.The contestant then has to pick […]

Milk And Honey, Or Desert?

Is your life fulfilling? Do you walk through life easily, or does it feel more like you’re trudging through sand? Do you feel refreshed, or do you feel like you’re stuck in the desert? If your life feels more like a desert, you’re probably not doing whatever it is God has for you to do! […]

Gettin’ In The Stirrups For Christ

Sometimes in life we have to do things that are quite unpleasant. One in particular, I can think of, is the dreaded pap smear. Ladies, I believe you’ll all agree with me on this one. You’re laying there, in a lovely paper gown, with your feet in the stirrups, staring at the ceiling. If that’s […]

Click “OK” To Submit

Ahh, if only submission were as easy as the click of a button! Submission doesn’t come easily for me because of a condition I have, it’s called “Fleshitis”. Most of us have bouts with it from time to time. The symptoms are : I want to do what I want when I want, you’re not […]