Have you ever noticed how we will allow ourselves to look utterly rediculous in the presence of a baby? “Aww wook at dat tute widdle baby! Her’s precious, yes her is!” All the while wrinkling our noses, pursing our lips… you get the picture? It’s just plum undignified! 🙂 No matter how silly we may look when talking to a baby, we don’t care who’s watching or what anyone says, we just keep babbling!

When’s the last time you became undignified for The Lord? When’s the last time you didn’t care what anyone thought, you were going to speak up for what was right? When’s the last time you said to yourself ” I don’t care if they think I’m stupid, I’m going to tell them about Jesus!” David’s wife was embarrassed when he danced before The Lord, and he told her ( I’m paraphrasing) that he would become even more dignified, and to get over it! *2 Samuel 6:21-23.

Sometimes we need to throw caution to the wind, step out on faith, and not give a rip what anyone thinks or says! What better time than now to become undignified? Hope y’all all have a very uninhibited day and that y’all have a chance to become undignified before The Lord!

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