Any Old Jackass

WARNING! Rated PG! Parental Guidance is Suggested! Please bear with me while I make my point 🙂

Southerners have a way of puttin things, right? We have sayings in the south that aren’t used in other regions. Have you ever heard anyone say “Man, they really showed their a$$?!” ( yes, I suppose I could’ve used the word “butt”, but like I said…bear with me)

There’s a story in the bible about a man named Balaam, and The Lord caused his donkey to talk to him! Please, go read it for yourselves, it’s a great story. You can find it in Numbers 22:21-41. After repeatedly beating the poor animal, (who happened to be trying to save Balaam’s life) The Lord causes the donkey to speak, and he says “Hey man!! Why do you keep beating on me?!” Roughly paraphrased. Imagine the look on Balaam’s face! To make a long story short, Balaam was headed somewhere he knew he didn’t need to go. He wouldn’t listen to The Lord, so He had to get His point across in a way Balaam would never forget. Balaam finally realized the donkey had saved his life, and he felt horrible for beating him. Seriously, go read the whole story :-).

The moral of the story is, if you show your a$$ by not listening to God, He can, and will use any old jackass to get His point across!

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