This Is THE Voice

Have you ever watched the show The Voice? It’s a show similar to American Idol, except people are judged only on their voices, the judges can’t see them. If the judges like what they hear, they turn around during the song. If they didn’t like them they turn around after.The contestant then has to pick which judge (if more than one turned around) he or she would be better suited for. If no one turns around, they just go home. Either way, the contestant hangs on the judges every word, good or bad. Christians have a “voice” in their lives, He’s called the Holy Spirit. What if we were to hang on every word He said to us? How would our lives change if we lived our lives according to the correct voice?
A lot of the time we find ourselves listening to our own voice instead of the Holy Spirit. It’s the one that, often times, tell us you’re not smart enough, you’re not strong enough,they’re better than you, you’re not pretty enough, or you can’t do that. You get the picture? If that’s the voice you’re listening to then stop! We have a God who wants to guide us! He believes in us and created all of us to do great things! Stop being self centered. Sorry to break it to you, but being down on yourself, or “low self esteem” is nothing more than being self centered. Focussing on God will help remedy that!
Just like to hear yourself talk? Replace those negative words with scripture, before long, you’ll find yourself being less and less self centered and more and more God centered!
Just like the contestants on The Voice have to decide which judge they will listen to, we too, have to decide to which voice we will listen. Revelation 3:22 says, ‘Those who have ears should listen to what the Holy Spirit says to the churches.’ Do you have ears? Then today, choose to listen!

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