Doo-doo Stinks! No Matter Who Did It

Have you ever been to a public restroom with just a couple stalls? They’re both occupied, you’re next in line, someone comes out, and you can tell by the awkward smile, they’ve left you a “surprise”. You really don’t want to go in there, but you’re about to pee your pants.
When you get in there, you feel as if you stepped directly into raw sewage! Pee-ew! You hold your breath, while doing your business, walk out, and someone else is waiting to go in after you. You suddenly have an overwhelming urge to yell “I swear I didn’t do that, there’s no way I smell that bad!” Please tell me I’m not the only one!
Sin is a lot like doo-doo. Everyone does it, but it always seems to stink a whole lot worse when it comes from someone else. We can justify our own actions, but do we give others the same grace we expect?
The bible says if we judge someone, we’ll be judged by the same measure. It also says forgive and you will be forgiven, *Luke 6:37. When someone offends us, and we treat them as if we’ve never sinned, we may as well say our doo-doo doesn’t stink.
We, as Christians, we’re all using the same stall, so to speak. When one of our brothers or sisters gets a little “stinky”, let’s show some grace, then shower them with air freshener, aka, the love if Christ!

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