No Blog For You!

No blog for a few days! I’m going to Tres Dias to be the hands and feet of Jesus! But I’ll leave you with this, I read it this morning. If you are always talking about your problems, don’t be surprised if you live in perpetual defeat.

Who’s Your Daddy

Do you realize that what largely shapes your view of God, is your view of your earthly father? Our fathers are supposed to be here to be the image of Christ. To teach us how to love and be loved. To have a healthy fear of discipline. To be the head of the household, the […]

Chronic Lyricosis

Chronic lyricosis: a debilitating disease which causes an individual to consistently hear incorrect lyrics to songs. It is no respecter of persons and can attack at any time. A friend of mine once thought the line in the Eagle’s song Desperado said “don’t you draw the queen of diamonds she’ll beat you if she’s a […]

Kids Are Brutally Honesty

When our son Tucker was little, he would blurt out the most embarrassing things. He would see a ‘person of size’ and say “you fat”. There was this one time we ran into a non-Caucasian ( I don’t know what the politically correct term is so we’ll go with that) friend of mine. He says […]

Come On In! I’m Forgiven

When I was a teenager, one of my best friends was a guy named Kenny. He was, and still is, one if the funniest people I know. I had started dating this guy, and like all guys I dated, they had to have the “Kenny stamp of approval”. So, I took the guy to Kenny’s […]

How Friends Are Like Bras

Ladies, lets talk for a minute? Sorry guys, but feel free to read anyway! Have you ever worn a bad bra? One that doesn’t support, the shoulder straps are falling off, and you’re constantly pulling and tugging on it? I have! It’s a miserable feeling. You’re never comfortable and you’re always worried about how you […]

Regrets of a High School Dork

When I was in high school, there was this older guy that I had a huge crush on. He was very good looking, and super nice, but any time I got near him, I did something stupid. For instance, one time we were having class favorite pictures made, he was a senior and I was […]