Just Do It

Was there something you loved doing as a child but were too insecure to tell or show anyone? Maybe, while in your room you danced like Michael Jackson. Or while everyone else slept, you wrote poetry. Maybe you wrote songs that have never been heard.
Unless you wanted to be Peyton Manning and are now over forty, it’s not too late! Those desires you have when you were little that got pushed to the side, for whatever reason, were most likely your heart’s desires.
I remember writing poetry when I was younger and either never showing anyone or showing very few people. When I was little mom said I would twirl around the stop sign in the corner of our yard and sing up a storm. Yet I never sang in front of anyone, on purpose that is, until I was in my late twenties or early thirties, and that was at drunken parties.
What happens to those dreams we have as children? Sometimes it seems as if life itself squashes our most precious dreams. Negative comments, lack of support or encouragement, lack of confidence, there are tons of things that can cause us to feel not good enough.
Here’s the deal, most of us aren’t, without Christ. Yes, there are successful people who don’t follow Christ however, success does not equal happiness. Being good at something doesn’t necessarily bring you joy. True joy comes from living a Christ centered life.
These days I don’t sing at drunken parties. Now when I sing, people are actually listening. Now, when I write poetry or a song, everyone I know, who wants to, can read it or hear it, and hopefully it brings them just an ounce of the joy that it brings me. I’m not, nor will I ever be, the best in the world, that’s not what matters. What matters is, I’m using the talents God has graciously given me.
If there’s something you desire to do, stop listening to those voices that tell you you don’t measure up. When you’re using the talents God’s given you, He takes them and makes them better, He multiplies them! Stop wasting your time wondering “what if”.
Today I’m proud to say, I am a writer and a singer/songwriter and that I can do ALL things through Christ! What “things” should you be doing?

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