Being Cat-like

I love when Barbara, my cat, sits with me. She is the sweetest thing. She’ll climb up on my chest and put her head on my shoulder. I’ll rub her head and she’ll purr, it’s just precious! However, when she’s tired of me petting her, she’s likely to suddenly bite a chunk out of my hand. The sweet, together time, is always on her terms. I can’t make her let me pet her. Cats are such snobs and control freaks.
My dog Flossie, she’s a different story. You can actually ask her to sit by you and she will. You can tell her to go to bed and she does. You can tell her no and she listens. She’s such a sweet and smart dog. There’s a reason dogs are called man’s best friend.
I think a lot of times, we as humans are more like cats than dogs. We want to do what we want, when we want, and on our terms. We don’t want anyone telling us what to do, or is that just me?
We want to serve The Lord, but often times, instead of asking God where He would have us serve, we pick what’s convenient for us and pray that God blesses it. We want to worship Him, but only when we feel like it or when we have enough time. We want to please Him as long as it doesn’t affect our schedules, yet we want His blessing all the time. And just as it bothers me when Barbara won’t let me pet her, it bothers our Heavenly Father when we don’t spend time with and listen to him.
I don’t know about you, but I’m going to try and be more dog-like and less cat-like when it comes to pleasing The Lord. I don’t want to be a ” God snob”. Less of me and more of Him
Be humble under God’s powerful hand so he will lift you up when the right time comes. 1 Peter 5:6

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