The Mysterious Case Of Shifting Teeth

One night I was getting ready to go bed. I decided it was time to bleach my teeth again, it had been a few months. So I grab my trays, fill them full of bleach, put the bottom tray in, then the top. Much to my dismay, the top tray didn’t fit. I mean, it was off by 1/2 an inch! I totally freaked out! I stood in front of the mirror and examined my teeth in horror. Indeed it appeared my teeth had shifted. At this rate what would I look like in a few more months?! Would my mouth be completely disfigured?!

The next morning I called my dentist’s office in a panic. I explained my situation to them and assured them it was a dire emergency. They said to come in and he’d take a look. Thank God! I couldn’t wait long, and moving quickly was imminent! It appeared my teeth were shifting faster than I could say dentures!!Something had to be done! I brought the trays with me, so Dr. Bettis could see just how badly my teeth had shifted. I knew that what he was about to see would shock him as much as it has me! I was lying back in the chair dreading the thought of having to get braces at my age. Or could it be something worse?! Was I even going to have teeth left in my mouth to put braces on or were they just going to fall out?! What on earth had made my teeth move so much in such a short time. I cursed getting older, because I just knew it had something to do with being over forty.

Dr. Bettis came in and carefully look over my teeth. The confused look on his face caused my anxiety level to raise a few more points. “Obviously I have some extremely rare, and dreaded gum disease!” I thought to myself. He politely excused himself. Where was he going?! Was he having to call some sort of specialist?!

He came back in with some x-rays, and placed them on the screen. “Let me show you something.” He said gently as he patted my arm. “Do you see that tooth right here?” He asked. I nodded. “Do you see how that one tooth sticks out ever so slightly?” Nervously I answered yes. He then handed me a mirror and asked me to look at my teeth. I was studying them hard, bracing myself for the bad news. He said, “Notice the difference in your bottom teeth are compared to the X-ray?” I sure did! Ray Charles would notice the difference! My teeth HAD moved! I knew it! That tooth used to stick out, now it doesn’t! 

It’s never a good sign when a Dr. pats your arm. Being the sweet man Dr. Bettis is, he gently patted my arm no doubt to soften the blow of the horrifying news he was about to deliver. My thoughts were racing, “This must be bad. Real bad.” I thought to myself. I must’ve looked like a deer caught in the headlights because I couldn’t speak. I swallowed hard as Dr. Bettis began to speak. “I think I know what the problem is.” I must’ve looked like a deer caught in the headlights because I couldn’t speak. I just nervously stared at him. “The X-rays I showed you are your husband, Steve’s  x-rays, and the tooth tray you were using is his. Your teeth haven’t moved.” 

I don’t think my face could’ve been any redder. I must’ve looked crazy as a loon! And how Dr. Bettis managed to get out of there without busting a gut, I’ll never know! He must’ve been prayed up!  I’ll bet when I left the entire office had a nice little chuckle though! As I think back on this I still get a little embarrassed, but so far, when I’ve went back, no one has treated me as if I were some kind of crazed lunatic. Maybe he’s seen worse? 

Lots of times in life, just like I was trying to make my teeth fit into someone else’s bleaching trays, we try to make our plans fit into God’s divine plan. We come up with ideas, then ask Him to help us, instead of asking Him what His plans are for our lives. You know what happens when we do that? We get freaked out and call on God to fix things! And just like my dentist doesn’t treat me as if I’m crazy when I come in, God never, ever treats me like a crazed lunatic when I mess up and come whining to Him! He always welcomes me with open arms! There is one big difference though, God never charges me a fifty dollar co-pay! Thank goodness, because I mess up a lot!

We plan the way we want to live, but only God makes us able to live it. Proverbs 16:9

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