Regrets of a High School Dork

When I was in high school, there was this older guy that I had a huge crush on. He was very good looking, and super nice, but any time I got near him, I did something stupid.

For instance, one time we were having class favorite pictures made, he was a senior and I was a freshman. I saw him walking up, I kept repeating to myself “don’t get nervous! Don’t get nervous!” I looked him in his dreamy, brown eyes and very confidently said, “Hey! What’re you doing?” He said “Nothing, what’re you doing?” To which I replied, “Nothing, what’re you doing?” Then proceeded to stand there like a deer in a spotlight for what seemed like an eternity, then awkwardly walked away with an extremely red face. I’m pretty sure we didn’t speak much after that.

I wonder what would’ve happened if I’d not been so scared of rejection? What if I’d had the guts to talk to him again and been able to tell him the truth? That indeed, I wasn’t “slow”, that I just had a huge crush on him and that his smile made me a nervous wreck. The truth could’ve made all the difference in the world.

The truth always makes a difference. So many times we let fear stand in the way of speaking up and telling someone the truth. We sit idly by and watch people heading straight for hell because we’re afraid we might say the wrong thing, or we might not know the right answer, or heaven forbid, we might be rejected.

There are so many lost and hurting people who just need to hear truth, and those of us who know it, are expected to share it! Stop worrying about how you’re going to look and if you’ll say exactly the right thing. Trust the Holy Spirit to help you, He will.

1John 8:32 says, “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” Don’t you want to help set someone free? Start by telling them about THE Way THE Truth, and THE Life!

For years I regretted not having the guts to talk to my crush. All the “what ifs”. Thankfully, I’m very happily married now, so I regret no more! But if you think the regret of not telling a crush the truth feels bad, how much worse do you think it will feel to know that you let someone slip into eternity not having told them the truth? I don’t want to have to stand before my Lord and have to answer to that, do you?

Let’s all start asking God for boldness and opportunities to speak of Him. Let’s also ask Him to please help us not look like a big dork, but if we do, give us the guts to go back and try again!

3 thoughts on “Regrets of a High School Dork”

  1. Love it CH!

    I have a trail of whatif’s that lead right back to fear of rejection deep into Jr High school. I don’t know that I ever overcame all of them but with age and grace comes wisdom!


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