Chronic Lyricosis

Chronic lyricosis: a debilitating disease which causes an individual to consistently hear incorrect lyrics to songs. It is no respecter of persons and can attack at any time.
A friend of mine once thought the line in the Eagle’s song Desperado said “don’t you draw the queen of diamonds she’ll beat you if she’s a bull”. Another friend thought MC Hammer’s song Too Legit To Quit said “Do the jerk! Do the jerk at work”my husband thought the song Norma-Jean Riley, by Diamond Rio, said, “Alligator Allie’s gonna marry me”. That stuff cracks me up! Especially when their singing along, like nobody’s business, at the top of their lungs. It’s happened to me before, but conveniently, I can’t seem to think of an example.

At first you think it just doesn’t sound right, but you’re half listening, so you run with it. The next thing you know, your friends are laughing at you and you feel pretty stupid. You can cure chronic lyricosis by looking up the lyrics. It’s that simple.

Isn’t that how the devil works? He sees that we’re half listening to God, and he knows we’re not taking the time to read the lyrics (aka God’s Word), so he starts talking. He starts telling us things like you’re not good enough, you’re not smart enough, you’re not pretty or good looking enough, or that you can’t do it. The next thing you know, that voice you hear sounds a lot like your own because you start saying to yourself, “maybe I’m not good enough, or smart enough, or pretty enough. Maybe I can’t do it”. Then the devil’s sitting back laughing at you because he’s got you right where he wants you.

In 2 Timothy chapter 2, Paul is giving Timothy instructions on how to deal with people. He tells him to handle them firmly but patiently because, 26You never know how or when God might sober them up with a change of heart and a turning to the truth, enabling them to escape the Devil’s trap, where they are caught and held captive, forced to run his errands. The Message

Just like you can fight chronic lyricosis by reading the lyrics, you can get out of the devil’s trap by reading God’s word.

When satan tells you that you’re not good enough, you tell him that you are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good things. Ephesians 2:10. If he tells you that you’re not smart enough you hit him with Psalms 19:7 that says, The statutes of the LORD are trustworthy, making wise the simple. I’m really thankful for that one!
If he tells you you’re not pretty enough you come back with I’m fearfully and wonderfully made, Psalms 139:14. If he tells you that you can’t do it, whack him upside the head with I can do ALL things through Christ Philippians 4:13.

Don’t get caught in satan’s trap. Don’t be forced to run his errands. Learn who you are in Christ! Pray, read The Word (God’s lyrics) go to church, be aware of the things you listen to and watch on tv. That way, when you’re singing your heart out so to speak, you’re singing the correct lyrics.

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