Curiosity Made Your Hand Stink

About fifteen years ago, my friends Sophia and Lajuana were over at my house for a visit. Sophia had her, then six month old, Samantha with her. Well, you know how babies are? They’re always interrupting grown-ups by needing things like food and diaper changes.

If you’ve ever changed a baby’s diaper, you know that often times, the minute you take the diaper off, the baby will put their hand down there. That’s exactly what baby Sam did. When Lajuana saw what happened she said “ew, make her stop that!” Sophia replied, “oh Lajuana, she’s just curious.” I chimed in with “curiosity killed the cat you know?” To which Lajuana replied, “yeah, and curiosity made your hand stink too!” We still laugh about that all these years later, and rightly so. That’s one of the funniest things Lajuana has ever said.

It reminded me of the story of the prodigal son. I think he got curious too. I think he wondered what it would be like to have a little money in his pocket and some freedom. He found out really quickly that ‘curiosity made his hand stink’ because he ended up broke, hungry and feeding pigs. *Luke 15:11-32

The bible doesn’t really say if his dad tried talking him out if it. I figure he might have, but with no success. I figure he gave in to teach his son a lesson. The good part is, when the son had had enough; his dad was waiting on him with open arms. He even threw a party for him!

That’s exactly how our Heavenly Father is with us. Sometimes we may get curious about something and wander off for a while, but He’s always waiting on us with open arms ready to throw a party! I’m so thankful that he loves us that much.

These days, I personally try to keep the curiosity to a minimum. When my heart and mind start to wander off, I always hear lajuana’s words of wisdom, “curiosity made your hand stink.”.

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