Bee Geesus

When we first started going to our new church, we joined a Sunday morning small group. We didn’t really check out all the small groups they offered. We, or should I say I, picked that one because it was in the same room our Wednesday night small group was in, and I like things to […]

*#%#!!! I Got Caught With My Integrity Down!

Sometimes God has us to do things that are not necessarily pleasant. For instance, He might have you change churches after almost ten years. I’ve personally never been through a divorce, but I can imagine switching churches feels very similar. Especially for someone like me, who gets bent out of shape if I have to […]

The ‘Not So’ Great Pyrenees

Rarely ever, am I a violent person. I mean, generally speaking, I’m hardly ever even mean. This morning however, I feel the need to punch the face of, then possibly shoot, my neighbors dog! Then when I’m finished with him, I feel the slight need to rip the neighbors a new one! Yes, I believe […]

Maudie Mae Saved The Day!

Today is our son Tuck’s twenty second birthday. This is a really tough day for me, because at the moment, we’re not even sure where he is living. Our son has a drug addiction. That’s a really hard thing to say, because for so many years, I sugar coated things. I mean, I taught kids […]

Coupons? Pfffft! Who Needs ‘Em?

Back in the day, our house was THE party house. We had a crowd just about every weekend. Most of the time we would be slightly overindulging, if you know what I mean. I’ll go ahead and say, I’m so thankful for the lessons I learned in my life B. C. (Before Christ). Anyway, one […]