Pickin’ And Grinnin’

Please allow me to preface this story by saying, the names have been changed to protect the, not so, innocent. Plus, if you have a weak stomach, this might not be the story for you. You’ve been properly warned. I am not responsible for any loss of breakfast or any possible side effects that could be caused from reading this story. 🙂

One day Glinda put her children in the car and headed to the grocery store. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, birds were chirping, KC and the Sunshine Band was in the radio.

Glinda’s three, beautiful daughters were in the back seat. Sherron, Shayla, and the youngest, Mindy. As Glinda was admiring God’s handiwork, she thought to herself, “could life be any more perfect?” That thought was rudely, and abruptly interrupted by the disturbing sight she witnessed in her rear view mirror. A sight that would make any proud mother wince in horror.

Sherron and Shayla were talking amongst themselves, but Mindy, the youngest, took her pretty, little finger and stuck it knuckle deep into her perfect little nose. Brace yourselves for what happens next. From out of that perfect, little nose came the biggest, juiciest booger Mindy had ever seen. Glinda sat frozen, sick to her stomach, as she watched her daughter, for what seemed like an eternity, admiring her treasure. In reality, it all happened so fast there was no time to say anything until it was too late.

Mindy stuck that big, juicy booger in her mouth pretty as you please. Quite proud of herself, I must say. She didn’t need her mother to get her a mid morning snack! She had gotten it herself.

Glinda screamed, “Mindy Michelle! Stop eating boogers!!” To which Mindy relied, in the sweetest voice ever. “I’m not eating them mother. I’m just sucking the juice out of them.”

Sherron and Shayla, who’s conversation had been interrupted by their mother’s shrieks, busted out into full blown belly laughs. Glinda, after throwing up a little in the back of her mouth, started laughing right along with them. Mindy, being so young, was wondering what in the world could possibly be so funny.

The bible says, in Psalms 128:2, that you shall eat the fruit of the labor of your hands; you shall be blessed, and it shall be well with you. It doesn’t say that it would be well with everyone else!

Today, let us not labor in vain, but enjoy the fruit of our labor. Let’s just not enjoy it as much as sweet Mindy did.

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