The Day I “Wiped” Out

At age eighteen, I was dating this guy who was in the navy. He was stationed in South Carolina, and asked if I would come for a visit. Being that I had never driven out of my hometown, I was afraid to go alone, so I invited a friend to tag along. I’m going to […]

Freda Was Frank

I don’t like being called out, or being held accountable. I’d like to think that I can handle those things all by myself. Most of the time I prefer thinking “hey, I got this!” Not that I’m a control freak or anything. The truth is, none of us always ‘have it’. As brothers and sisters […]

They Don’t Call It ‘Tough’ Love For Nothin’

I’ve written about the struggles with our son. He’s in the clutches of addiction, and in a tough place in his life. Loving an addict isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never stopped loving our son, it’s loving him the right way that I struggle with. They don’t call […]

Drive Thru Jollies

When we were teenagers, my friends and I loved to have fun at fast food drive thru windows. We would pull up to the window, and when they said “Welcome to_____may I take your order?” We would reply, in a really sad voice, “No thank you. I just needed someone to talk to.” Then we […]

Sin Happens

Why is it some people can eat whatever they want and not get fat, while there are others, like me, who can smell food and gain weight? Why is it that some people lay in tanning beds, don’t use moisturizer, go to bed with make up on and have great skin, while others, like me, […]

Green Thumb Granny And The Marijuana Mishap

A long, long time ago a couple friends of mine decided they would go away for the weekend. Again, to protect the not so innocent, names will be changed. I’ll call them Lenny and Jim. As most people, when you go away, there are certain things you might have to ask people to take care […]

Confessions Of A Recovering Baptist

Hi! My name is Christa and I’m a recovering Baptist. Now, before a bunch of y’all get your panties in a wad, let me explain. I grew up in the Baptist church, and I’m thankful I did. There’s nothing more wrong with the Baptist church than there is the Methodist church or Church of God […]