When There’s No Fatted Calf, Apple Pie And Ice Cream Will Do

I was dreading Mother’s Day. I was figuring it wouldn’t go at all as I would’ve hoped. I must admit, that despite the 1am phone call from Tuck to wish me happy Mother’s Day, I was still feeling pretty crappy about the day. To say the least, I assumed it would be underwhelming. God, however, is not in the business of being underwhelming!

I received yet another phone call from Tuck, just incase I hadn’t remembered the 1am call. Then much to my surprise, the prodigal son came home!!

My sweet little Olivia picked Tucker up and brought him here. It took some coaxing, because he thought it was a set up. Paranoid much?!

We didn’t kill the fatted calf. Mainly because we couldn’t have gotten Tuck to stay that long. Besides, fatted calves are way overrated. We had apple pie and ice cream, and I couldn’t think of anyone better we could’ve shared it with, or a better ending to my day.

God loves us and cares about every aspect of our lives! Rejoice and don’t be sad! God’s got it! His love is overwhelming!

Shout for joy, you heavens; rejoice, you earth; burst into song, you mountains! For the LORD comforts his people and will have compassion on his afflicted ones.Isaiah 49:13

One thought on “When There’s No Fatted Calf, Apple Pie And Ice Cream Will Do”

  1. Each time I read one of these about Tucker , My heart just weeps for you both.. I know that feeling and almost wrote something on Mother’s Day myself.. about being the last in line for my daughters , because they all have at least 3 mother’s to visit and then the Mother In laws,I know any mammal can give birth and a real mother raises you.. but ya know it still hurts.. then my youngest daughter has my only grandchild and wishes badly to bring her for a visit .. but it always upsets the other grandmother’s …. and she lives with one of them.. so I can understand why she would want to keep the peace. It always hurts to see the new pics of them all on Facebook and when it’s Christmas or whatever special event, I just want to scream…. I”M her only “REAL” grandmother.. why can’t I come visit her or Why is it so hard to bring her for a visit?? We even share the same Birthday Month, my grand daughter and I do. Sorry to dump on you, but you’re one of my only true friends who will tell me I’ve got a huge booger Zit on my face…. so I value your insight and I know you will pray for me and with me if I ask… So please pray that God will change my heart over this..


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