Does Zit Really Matter?

One night, way back, in my life B.C., I was out with friends. We may have helped ourselves to one (or ten) too many ‘party favors’, as we did so often back then. Which reminds me! The names in this sort have been changed to protect the no so innocent. 

I don’t remember where we were, but we had stopped at a store. As we were about to walk in, I noticed Lenny checking out his reflection in the window, only he was really, really close. Lenny never passed up a chance to look at himself! I stopped to ask him what he was doing , and he said “Why didn’t you tell me I had this huge zit on my forehead?!” Except it sounded like his mouth was full of marbles. Y’all, had stopped dead in his tracks to pop that zit. I’m just glad he had noticed it before I had. After seeing what squirted onto that window, if I’d noticed the zit earlier, when I was a tad drunker, I would’ve sho’ nuff lost all my party favors! Eww!

When we walked into the store, we realized that the window Lenny had just left his mark on wasn’t just a window!!! Well, it was, but it was a two-way mirror! And y’all, there were people on the other side of the glass eating! It was a truck-stop/diner! I bet the people on the other side were either laughing hysterically, sick as a dog, or pissed! Had I been on the other side of that mirror eating and witnessed that, I would’ve been bitter! But, I wasn’t, so it was hilarious! Especially when I realized how embarrassed Lenny was.

When you do embarrassing things, it’s hard for people who witness it, to change their image of you. These days, with social media, you never know who’s seeing what you’re doing and saying. In my lifetime, I’ve personally done lots of things, in front of many different people, that has most likely left a bad image. It can be hard to overcome, and some people’s opinion of me may never change, which kinda sucks. However, now that I am living for The Lord, I try to focus on what matters…and that’s HIS opinion! 

Often times, satan will use our pasts against us. He’ll tell you that you can’t overcome your past. That’s one of the biggest lies ever told! God can take any situation and use it for His glory! We can’t go back and change our pasts , but God can restore the years the locusts have eaten *Joel 2:25. Hopefully that includes erasing the memory of Lenny mashing the zit in the two-way mirror.

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