Emptying Hell’s Hand-Basket

When I was a kid, I always looked forward to school starting because that’s when we got new clothes, a new book satchel, new crayons and good ol’ #2 pencils. If you were lucky, you got different colored erasers to put on your pencils. I could hardly wait to go ‘school shopping’, it was the […]

Dancing With The Stars

As I sit here listening to it storm, it reminds me of God’s power. It reminds me of how, in life, we have storms and sunshine, mountains and valleys, good times and bad, and how God doesn’t waste anything. We need rain to cleanse and make the land fertile, and sometimes we may need a […]

Survival Of The ‘Not So’ Fittest

Last week I did something that has had a painful effect on me. I have a friend who is really into Crossfit Training. For you who may not know, Crossfit is ROUGH! It’s an extreme workout regimen. I decided that I was ready to get serious about being healthy, so I gave my friend a […]

The $7.90 Look

Have you ever went somewhere and felt as if maybe, you were invisible, or that people were bitter because you were there? Well, this past weekend, my friend Tina and I went to eat at a Mexican restaurant, which shall remain nameless, and that’s exactly how we felt. There’s nothing better than sitting down to […]

Jailhouse ROCK

We have a ministry at our church called Breakout Jail Ministry. Every Friday night we go into the county jail and do Celebrate Recovery with the men and women. For those who don’t know, CR is like a Christian version of Alcoholics Anonymous. It is an amazing ministry, and I’m completely humbled that God has […]

Less Bang For Your Buck

When you’re in cosmetology school, it seems like everyone wants a free haircut. Seems like people will forfeit excellence for a bargain, especially if that bargain is free! Or at least that’s how it seemed with me, and my little sister was no exception. Being that Melissa was only fifteen or sixteen, maybe it wasn’t […]

Prodigal Praises

I haven’t given an update on our son Tucker in awhile. I’m always hesitant to brag, because it seems, in the past, it’s always backfired on me. At least in my limited knowledge, that’s how it’s seemed. We sometimes think things are so bad, but we don’t know how God is working in the spiritual […]