The Isle Of Cotton Candy

On the isle of cotton candy
You can lick lollipops all day!
On the isle of cotton candy
Beautiful fairies come out to play!
On the isle of cotton candy
The skies are always blue!
On the isle of cotton candy
Your secret fantasies come true!

One day, a friend of mine said to me ” I don’t like realizing things! I just want to run thru fields of cotton candy and lick lollipops all day!” That was one of the funniest things I had ever heard! The truth is, lollipops and cotton candy melt, and all that’s left is reality.

Have you ever went to see a really hyped up movie, only to be let down? Have you ever heard someone sing live, only to realize just how much they “fix” their voice when they record? What about when you buy the latest infomercial product and its a total flop? Have you ever put someone on a pedestal, only to realize they weren’t perfect? I can answer yes to just about all those questions.

Life is full of let downs. Always has been, always will be! I believe that satan will often times tell people that when you become a christian , life will be like living on the Isle of Cotton Candy. Hear me now…if you believe that, 1) I’ve got some ocean front property, right here in Springville AL, I’ll sell you at a great price! 2) You are going to be seriously let down!

Because we live in a fallen world, it won’t always be lollipops and cotton candy. Trust me, the crap will hit the fan eventually.

Often times, when new Christians come off that initial spiritual high, and the crap starts hitting the fan; instead of trusting God, they get mad at Him because they’ve believed the lie that ‘your life will be perfect, you need only to believe.’

Maybe that’s partly because they see believers, who are joyful and at peace, and think they have it all together. For a non believer, or a new christian, it’s hard to believe that you could be going through something devastating, and still have peace, much less smile! That’s why it’s so important for us to share our struggles! If you keep quiet, someone might mistake you for a resident of the Isle of Cotton Candy!

If someone mistakes you for a resident of the Isle of Cotton Candy, they might try to follow in your footsteps. If they try to follow in your footsteps they could get mad at God. If they get mad at God, they could get hurt at, or by other Christians. If they get hurt at other Christians, they could leave the church. If they leave the church they could start using drugs. If they start using drugs they could hurt a lot of people. If they hurt a lot of people they could start feeling horrible about themselves. If they start feeling horrible about themselves, they could possibly take their own lives. You don’t want that in YOUR hands do you?! Neither do I!

Don’t lead people to believe that your life is perfect. Share your struggles, and how trusting God allows you to walk in peace. Otherwise, how will they know?

Revelations 12:11 says, “They defeated him through the blood of the Lamb and the BOLD WORD OF THEIR TESTIMONIES. They weren’t in love with themselves; they were willing to die for Christ.”

It won’t kill us to admit everything in our lives is not perfect. Let’s stop worrying about what others think of us and start being more concerned about others.

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