Amazon Annie Ate My Ice Cream!

When I was pregnant with Tucker, who is now twenty two years old, I was in cosmetology school. I was on my way home one day, and decided I needed some nourishment. So I went through the drive thru at McDonald’s and ordered an ice cream cone. Just an ice cream cone and nothing else. They ask me to pull up and wait on my order. An ice cream cone! All they had to do was pull a stinking lever! Why should I have to pull up and wait?

Being that I was pregnant, and a total grouchy rump, that ticked me off, so I refused to pull all the way up like they had asked. “I’ll show them!” I thought. Boy, was I ever wrong!

All of a sudden, the car behind me bumped into mine. I didn’t think too much about it, I mean, I’ve not been paying attention, in the drive thru, and tapped someone’s bumper before. Besides, if those dummies at McDonald’s had any sense at all, I would’ve had my ice cream cone already and been on my way. Being big and pregnant, and having to wait on ice cream just doesn’t mix.

Well, apparently, me not pulling up far enough didn’t mix well with the person behind me who, I wrongly assumed, had accidentally ran into my car. I look up in my rear view mirror to see her getting out of her car and walking up to my window. I’m thinking to myself, ” she’s wanting to apologize for hitting my car.” Boy, was I ever wrong!

She banged on my window so hard I almost peed my pants. She was cussing me like a dog! Telling me to roll my window down. Did she think I was insane?! This girl looked to be about six foot tall, and she had giant, man hands. Gripped in fear, I sat there frozen, looking straight ahead, for what seemed like an eternity. All the while ‘Amazon Annie’ was hammering my window with her man hands and cussing me with every breath. My life, and the life of my unborn child flashed before my eyes, and suddenly, that ice cream, and the dollar I had scraped out from my floor board to buy it with, wasn’t so important.

Finally I regained my senses. Not knowing what else to do, I shoved my middle finger against the window, stuck out my tongue, and put the pedal to the medal! I don’t think I slowed down until I reached home!

I learned a valuable lesson that day. If you don’t pull up, at McDonald’s, when they tell you to, you could possibly die! I decided that that particular McDonald’s would not be one I’d visit again anytime soon, lest I be recognized by Amazon Annie.

There’s been many times in my life, when not following the rules has ruined something that could’ve been great. I’m finally learning that sometimes, my way is not the best way. I’ve learned to listen more to instruction, and that rules are there to help me…not for me to break. I now value my life more than
rebellion! Now if I’m told to pull up at McDonald’s, I pull up an extra two or three inches, just to be on the safe side.

The way of a fool is right in his own eyes, but a wise man listens to advice. Proverbs 12:15

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