Prodigal Praises

I haven’t given an update on our son Tucker in awhile. I’m always hesitant to brag, because it seems, in the past, it’s always backfired on me. At least in my limited knowledge, that’s how it’s seemed. We sometimes think things are so bad, but we don’t know how God is working in the spiritual realm! That being said, I’ve learned to brag on what God’s doing! What Tucker does with it is his walk to walk.

We had court a few weeks ago and they were going to release him back to rehab, but there was a glitch. I can’t begin to explain the legal stuff. Anyway, they made him stay and he goes back before the judge on July 1. All who care about Tuck agreed that it was best he stayed a little while longer. Plus, it’s good for him to know that he doesn’t always get everything he wants. Manipulation tends to become a way of life for people who struggle with drug addiction. Plus, we were all praying for God’s will. Whatever He thought was best for Tuck. I guess God thought he needed to be there longer too.

We really expected Tuck to have a bad attitude about the setback, but it was quite the opposite. He was still hopeful, and said he’d just do what he had to do. That’s HUGE! There was no blame shifting or excuse making.

When we’ve visited it’s been like seeing a different person. He talks about reading his bible and praying. He told my mom that he wasn’t going to run from rehab this time, but that he was going to pray and ask God to help him. Those are words I’ve never heard from our son! God is working on him!

I can’t wait to hear Tucker’s testimony! I’m not sure when that’ll be, but I’m certain he will be a great man of God, and a warrior for Christ, and that he will touch many lives! To God be the glory! Great things He has done, is doing and will do!

All your children will be taught by the Lord, and they will have much peace. Isaiah 54:13

Thank you Lord that you are now Tucker’s teacher!!! We can let go and let You handle things from here on out! What a wonderful and patient teacher you are.

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