Less Bang For Your Buck

When you’re in cosmetology school, it seems like everyone wants a free haircut. Seems like people will forfeit excellence for a bargain, especially if that bargain is free! Or at least that’s how it seemed with me, and my little sister was no exception.

Being that Melissa was only fifteen or sixteen, maybe it wasn’t so much about getting a bargain as it was that she just trusted her big sis to do a good job. I did a job alright, but good isn’t the word I would use to describe it.

My friend Kenny was there, which didn’t help matters any. We tended to get easily distracted when we were together. All Melissa wanted was for me to trim her bangs. That was certainly easy enough! She wet her hair, and held her finger where she wanted her bangs to hit, right above her eyebrows.

Now, anyone who knows anything about cutting hair knows that you don’t pull wet hair tight to cut it. You leave a little slack because it will shrink up when it dries. Well, I have no idea what I was thinking, but I combed her bangs straight down, and I mean, I pulled them tight, and snip! They sprung clean to the middle of her forehead! And they were wet! Naturally, because I had Melissa’s hair combed down, her eyes were shut. I looked at Kenny with wide eyes. He looked back at me. Should I keep going? Should I tell her I messed up and leave her wopsided? Kenny shrugged his shoulders, I shrugged mine, and I went right back to clipping!

Those were the shortest bangs I had ever seen. They looked about like Darla’s bangs on the old Little Rascals! “Ok Melissa, I’m finished. She jumped up so happily, eager to show off her new hairstyle to her friends. However, when she looked in the mirror, that happiness changed quickly to hatred. I knew that because she yelled loud enough for the entire neighborhood to hear, “I HATE YOU SISTER! YOU’RE NEVER CUTTING MY HAIR AGAIN!!” Kenny and I busted a gut, which didn’t help matters any.

Sometimes, a bargain doesn’t mean that it’s good. In life, we often settle for mediocre, instead of waiting on the best. We want something now, and we want it cheap. Most of the time, you get what you pay for.

It reminds me of the story of Jacob and Esau, *Genesis 25 . Being that Esau was the oldest, he was to inherit more than his siblings. It was his birthright. He came in from hunting one day starving. Jacob, his younger brother, was cooking stew. When Esau asked for some Jacob said, “I’ll give you a bowl for your birthright.” Esau thought about it and said “what good is that birthright to me now? Now, I’m hungry.” Or maybe, like my little sister trusted me to do a good job on her hair, Esau just trusted, that when the time came, Jacob would do what was right. WRONG! So, he traded his inheritance for a bowl of soup. All that stuff for a bowl if soup! What a doofus!

When we hear stories like that, we think those people are idiots, but we do things like that all the time. We do what we want to do, what makes us feel good, instead of waiting on God to show us what it is HE would have us do. Or when He asks us to do something, we make excuses, and take the easy way out. We trade the best for a bargain.

Moral of the story is, if you don’t want to end up with “Darla bangs” don’t trade in excellence for a bargain.

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