Special Is As Special Does

My friend has a son who’s “special”. She adopted him as an infant knowing, because of some issues his mom had, there could be something wrong. He’s now grown into a sweet loving, and caring young man who never meets a stranger. He was talking about his birth mother, and was telling me, in his […]

Farts, Facebook, And The Good News

These days, news travels fast thanks to cell phones, Facebook, twitter, and things of that nature. Within minutes a message can be spread around the world. I, personally, think that’s a good thing. People like Anthony Wiener, for instance, may feel differently. Celebrities can’t fart without the whole world knowing. And our son Tucker can’t […]

Close Encounters Of The Deadly Kind

Have you ever had a brush with death? It’s so scary to think that in a mere instance, life could be over. Yesterday, I had one of those close encounters with death. Today, I’m cherishing my life just a little more. Yesterday I started mowing the yard. When I kept letting the lawn mower die, […]

Over Medicated Or Just A Weirdo?

This morning my heart is so full of thanksgiving, that I might just hug every person I see! People will either think I’m nuts and over medicated, or just a freakin’ weirdo, but I don’t care! God is so good! It’s so easy to focus on all the bad in the world, but God is […]

The Shrink-Wrapped Greaser. Repaying Evil For Evil

Let the practical jokes begin! My friend Tina, and my husband Steve have a practical joke vendetta with each other. Tina would say that Steve started it when he scared the crap out of her. Which Steve would argue, is NOT a practical joke. Steve says Tina started it when she greased the door handle […]