Ho! Ho! Ho! Holy! The Day My Sis Squelched Santa

One time, when my sister and I were younger, we went to our dad’s company Christmas party. There was the usual food, prizes, and of course Santa was there. Being that this was a company party, apparently this particular Santa was doing a little partying in between kids, because he smelled like a brewery.

My sister, Melissa, is four years younger, and has always said exactly what she was thinking. We get in Santa’s lap, and I begin to tell him what I want for Christmas. Before I could finish my list, Melissa proceeds to tell him, “your breaf stinks!” We’ll, that was the end of that! Everyone was laughing, mom was awkwardly smiling, they snapped our picture and we quickly moved on.

Great! Thanks a lot Melissa!!! Now, we’re not getting anything for Christmas! Who in the world, besides my sister, would insult the guy who brings the gifts?! I think I worried up until Christmas morning, that we would wake up to find a sack of switches or a few lumps of coal.

Christmas morning, I laid in bed wondering if I should bother going into the living room. Curiosity got the best of me, and I slowly opened the door. Much to my surprise, we had gifts! Lots of them! Not a lump of coal or a switch anywhere! Whew! I could officially forgive my sister!

There’s been a time in my life that I treated God like Santa Claus. I thought that if I asked for something, and was ‘good’ enough that I would get what I asked for, but if I was bad, I’d get nothing. I’m so thankful that’s not how our Father deals with us.

He blesses us so much more than we deserve. We can’t possibly do enough, or work hard enough to earn anything from Him. He gives to us because He loves us!

It’s not about how good we are, and I’m so thankful, because I screw up daily! It’s not about who does more at church. It’s all about a relationship with Him. It’s about doing and working, simply because we love Jesus, and we just want to get one more for Him. It’s about doing, and asking nothing in return, trusting that God will provide whatever we need. It’s about talking to Him, reading His word and sharing what you know with those who don’t.

Just like you can sit in Santa’s lap, you can sit at the feet of Jesus and tell Him anything you want. And if you tell Him His breath stinks, He’ll still give you good things!

For the Eternal God is a sun and a shield. The Eternal grants favor and glory; He doesn’t deny any good thing
to those who live with integrity. Psalms 84:11

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