Jesus Or Jack’s?

My friend Tina and I were eating dinner one night, and ran into a mutual acquaintance. She’s a young woman, still a little wet behind the ears, mentally and spiritually speaking.

She was complaining about her new job and how she wanted her old one back. She said she was miserable. We were trying to encourage her, and Tina said,”girl, just take it to Jesus!” To which the girl solemnly replied, “I was thinking about going to Jack’s.” (For those of you who aren’t Alabamians, Jack’s is a fast food restaurant.) Tina and I looked at each other, trying hard not to completely bust a gut. I mean after all, Jack’s does have some great food, but Jesus? He offers salvation! Chicken fingers and fries, or salvation? That’s a tough one…not! Finally Tina said rather whimsically, “Eh, Jesus or Jack’s, whichever.” The young lady’s expression never changed, and if memory serves me correctly, that’s when she made her departure.

Did we handle her correctly? Probably not. Maybe we should’ve taken the time to explain. It’s so hard not to get tickled at people who are either not believers or are baby Christians. Sometimes they may say silly things, or may have strange reactions when we say things of a spiritual nature. Should that keep us from talking to them about Jesus? I think not! We just need to handle those people delicately, and not push at them more than they can handle. And laughing at them might not be a good idea. At least not to their faces :-).

Even as mature Christians, how many times do we take our troubles to everyone but Jesus? We feel like someone has wronged us, and we want to feel validated, so we tell all our friends. We want to hear from everyone what a rump that other person is, instead of letting Jesus handle the situation. We would rather stew and grumble about them rather than pray for them. I know I’m certainly guilty!

Like Tina and I had a good chuckle over that girl’s response, I wonder if God sits up there shaking His head saying, “Silly child! Why are you behaving so childishly?” I wonder if He ever pokes Jesus and says through laughter, “Did You just hear what she said? God love her, I mean, I love her!” I’m sure He’s either laughing at, or aggravated with me quite often!

Then next time trouble arises, where are you going to go? Jesus or Jack’s? Will you ask yourself WWJD? Or WWjD? I’m going to do my best to choose Jesus! And when dealing with the unsaved or baby Christians, I’m going to try to handle them with patience and grace, the way Jesus handles me.

talk to them; give them a good, healthy diet of solid teaching so they will know the right way to live. Titus 2:1

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