Mad Maude, Furious Flossie, Bitter Barbara, And The Tagalong Kitty

Over the weekend, we inadvertently, acquired a demon kitty. It actually belongs to my brother in law, who lives over sixty miles away. How’d WE end up with the kitty you ask? Obviously, the poor little thing climbed up into Steve’s truck, while he was visiting his brother, and rode all the way back to our house!

Can you imagine how terrifying it must’ve been for the little guy? There he is, flying down the interstate at speeds well over 75,I know Steve, he wasn’t abiding by the speed limit, his tiny little paws holding on for dear life. I’m sure he was afraid to move a muscle for fear of splattering to his death on the side of the freeway. One wrong decision, climbing into that truck, left the poor thing fearing for his life. Oh, but the worst of the poor little guy’s fears were yet to be over.

I arrived home shortly after Steve. As I was walking in, he came out to meet me. That’s when he looked down and spotted the kitten. Now we knew why the dogs were making such a fuss. Before Steve could pick the kitty up, Flossie, one of our dogs, was trying to make a meal of the little fella. Maudie, our other dog, wasn’t far behind. Finally Steve pried him out of Flossie’s jaws and I put her in the house. The kitten was rescued unscathed!

Still, he had to be introduced to Barbara, my house cat. Barbara’s not the sweetest cat in the world, mind you, but we had no choice but to bring the kitty in. I’ve never heard such hissing and growling in my entire life! Barbara was BITTER, to say the least! I thought surely we would witness his demise. Fortunately, he’s still alive today,awaiting to go back to his real home, where he can live in peace,and my animals can go back to their normal routines.

It’s amazing how something so small can wreak such havoc. It’s also amazing how something so small can inflict such pain! To have such a tiny mouth, that dang cat can bite a hunk out of you before you know what hit you!

The same can be true of everyday living. One wrong decision can leave you hanging on for dear life. And as always, with one bad decision comes the barrage of consequences we have to face.

Often times its the little things. Things that don’t seem that bad. Things that, in themselves, don’t really affect anyone else. But like the kitten jumping into Steve’s truck, which technically didn’t hurt anyone but himself, until he got to where he was going, somewhere he never intended to be mind you. Then he wreaked havoc on so many other lives.

Our decisions, big and small, always end up affecting others, even when you think no one knows. Often times, like this tiny, adorable creature showing up at our home, it’s the little things that cause the most disturbances.

Be careful with your actions. Always consider others in your life when making decisions. And most importantly, always consider God’s Word and what He would have you do. Something you decide to do, may not be a sin, but it could still be wrong for you.

There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death. Proverbs 14:12

Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand. Proverbs 19:21

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