The Day Dixie Died. A Tale Of God, Rednecks And Friends

One morning I was taking our son Tucker to school when I noticed someone’s cat had been hit. It made me so sad, but I commented on it, and zoomed right on by. After all, it wasn’t my animal. On the way back home however, I discovered that it was in fact, our dog Dixie!

My emotions quickly went from, “oh well” to what the h#*%!” I was bawling like a baby! It just so happened that I had jumped straight out of bed and taken Tuck to school in my pajamas. My hair was a total wreck, and I had on zero make up. Nonetheless, I pulled over on the side of the road, and just stood there crying.

I had no idea what I was going to do. One thing, I was wondering how Dixie had gotten so far from our house. She rarely ever left the yard. I just knew there was no way I was going to leave her there to be hit a thousand more times, and for us to have to drive by and see a greasy spot in the road that used to be Dixie. So, for no telling how long I stood there staring and sobbing.

Steve was working out of town, so I knew calling him was out of the question. I just could not bring myself to touch her lifeless body. I called our pastor’s wife and she sent her husband to help. Before he could get there though, a young man and his mother came to the rescue.

Although he seemed a bit, for lack of a better word, redneck, he was extremely polite and more than eager to help me. He seemed visibly upset that my dog had been killed. Before I go on, all you politically correct people don’t get y’all’s panties in a wad over the use of the term redneck! It’s just a southern expression, no insult intended.

As I was searching my car for something to lay Dixie on, cars were flying by. Our cars were in the road just a tad, so they were having to move over a bit. One car honked, and the young man mouthed off something about them being rude. Finally I found a contractor bag for him to put Dixie in. As he was, ever so gently, picking up her body, a car flew by and honked. He quickly laid Dixie back down, slung his middle finger high in the air and yelled, at the top of his lungs, “F YOU BUDDY!” Only, he said the whole ‘F’ word! He then immediately went right back to gently placing Dixie in the bag and softly laying her in the back of my car. It was all I could do not to crack up! In the midst of being sad, that little scene gave me a chuckle. I thanked him. He told me again how sorry he was about my dog, and apologized for the rude behavior of the other drivers, and left. Momma wasn’t fazed at all by the ‘F’ bomb.

With Dixie safely in the back of my car, I cried all the way home. Tucker had bought her with his own money seven years ago. She was a part of the family. When I got home, I called Steve and told him what had happened. I called my mom and sister, and told them, all the while, bawling, squalling, and slinging snot like a baby! It was at that point I remembered I needed to call my friend Kenny, he loved Dixie.

I dialed his number, trying to compose myself. It was all I could do to tell him. Kenny was so sweet, which for him is unusual. Not that he’s not nice, but he can make a joke out of anything! He was telling me how sorry he was and that it would be ok, and as he was speaking, it’s like something snapped. Then, even though I was still crying, I said, and I quote, “I know it’ll be ok. I brought Dixie in and propped her up by the fireplace. She looks peaceful.”

I was expecting laughter, or a witty comeback after that ridiculous statement, but you could’ve heard a pin drop. When I realized I had gotten one over on Kenny, through tears I cracked up laughing. He said, “Girl, I thought you had lost it! I could just see that dog carcass curled up by the fireplace!” That made me laugh even harder! Then he said, “You know? Even in the midst of tragedy, neither one of us will miss an opportunity to pull one over on someone.” How true. How true.

I’m so glad, that when tragedy strikes, The Holy Spirit places people in our lives to help us along. Some are sweet, redneck passing by. Some are lifelong friends and family members. Either way, they’re people we need. We need people. Family, friends, church. We need them all to make it through this crazy life. Today, tell your friends and family how much they mean to you. Better yet, pull a joke on one of them!

Two are better than one because a good return comes when two work together. If one of them falls, the other can help him up. But who will help the pitiful person who falls down alone!? Ecclesiastes 4: 9-10

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