The Genuine Pig

Way back when I was in school, we watched filmstrips. For you young ones who don’t know what a filmstrip is, it’s kind of like a video; but its still images and you had to click a button to get the screen to change.

I was in Mr. Guice’s Biology II class and was asked to read aloud from the filmstrip. I’ve always been a good reader, so this wasn’t a problem for me, I was confident and happy to oblige. Everything was going smoothly, when all of a sudden, everyone burst out laughing. I knew I was funny, but dang, I was just reading a filmstrip? It was then I realized my blunder.

The word I was supposed to say was Guinea pig. What I actually said was genuine pig. Pronounced really country, like “gen eww wine pig” I was so embarrassed! I have to admit, it was pretty funny though.

The same thing happened again in History class. The word I was supposed to read was colonel. What I said was “coll un ull”. Ugh! Again, total embarrassment! Getting laughed at once for something is ok, but twice, not so cool! I wasn’t so eager to read aloud after those incidents.

I’m sure we’ve all had numerous embarrassing things happen to us. I have a tendency that when I fail at something, or if I feel something’s too hard, I just won’t do it again. However, throughout my life, God has repeatedly shown me that nothing is too hard with Him!

Now, I try my best not to give up so easily. I try not to rely on myself and my strengths, but to rely on God and the power I have through Him. His Word says that I can do all things through Him, the one who gives me strength Philippians 4:13. His Word also says that if I need wisdom, all I have to do is ask and He will give it freely, James 1:5.

So, what’s stopping us from doing the hard things? We are! Nothing is impossible with God, Luke 1:37. Lets stop shying away from the difficult things! Imagine what an impact we could have on our world, if we relied more on God and the strength He gives, instead of our own. Let’s dream big and see God do big things!

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