The ‘N’ Word

The ‘N’ word. Now, there’s a word that packs a sting. I remember a time when I used to use the ‘N’ word a lot. I guess it was the era in which I grew up, I’m not really sure. It was just a word I carelessly tossed around. Sometimes in a joking manner, and sometimes in a very precise, hurtful manner

There are plenty of words in the english language that can inflict pain, but there’s just something about this one, little word that can do serious damage.

The ‘N’ word has kept people from living up to their potential; from living the life God has for them. It has probably bound up more people than we realize.

Never: Adverb
At no time in the past or future; on no occasion; not ever: “I will never ever forget it”. 1 : not ever : at no time 2 : not in any degree : not under any condition

The word never, is a strong word. One we toss around with little to no consideration. When you use the word never, you’re essentially putting limits on God. It insinuates unforgiveness; “I’ll never forget, never trust, never speak to again.” ‘Never’ puts a lot of pressure on a person. “I’ll never do or say that again.” The word ‘never’ can paralyze a person with doubt and fear. “You’ll never do or amount to anything.”

Think about it. Is there any relationship, or person God can’t fix? Is there anything in our lives, that without Christ, we can honestly say we’ll never do again? Is there anything we can’t do through Christ? Nope! If someone has told you that you’ll never amount to anything, or that you’ll never do something; God’s Word says something different! Phillipians 4:13 says that we can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens us!

Lets be careful when using the ‘N’ word. There are no limitations when we rely on Christ. Be encouraging, not condemning. Trust God with every situation in your life. Be a good, positive witness for The Lord.

If anyone thinks he is religious and does not bridle his tongue but deceives his heart, this person’s religion is worthless. James 1:26

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