Judge Not. Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Have you ever been wrongly accused? That may be one of the worst feelings in the world. At the moment, I can’t think of a time I was wrongly accused of anything; I was usually always guilty! However, a friend of mine told me a story once of being wrongly accused, that scarred him for life.

He was about six or seven, and he and his mom were about to go in the drug store. We, who grew up in the seventies, always got the ‘going in the store beat down’ before we ever got through the doors of the place. This time was no different. “You’d better not touch one thing! If you do I’ll wear you out the minute we get back to this car!”

It was around Christmas time, so they had a beautiful, pyramid display of glass bowls filled with Christmas candies. My friend was standing there admiring it, when another kid came out of nowhere, and snatched one of the bowls from the bottom and ran. Needless to say, the display started falling to the ground, like Humpty Dumpty off the wall, and glass bowls were breaking like crazy! You’d of thought there’d been an earthquake!

My poor friend, stricken by fear, just stood there staring. When his mom, rounded the corner to see what the ruckus was, she saw her boy, whom she had threatened within an inch of his life, standing there. Thus, the tongue lashing began.

“I told, you before we came in here, not to touch one thing! When I get you out to that car I’m going to wear your butt out!” She said through gritted teeth and a snarled face. The young man working at the store tried to tell her that he was innocent, but she promptly instructed him not to be taking up for him. He knew the rules, and he was going to pay!

No matter how much the store clerk, or my friend pleaded, she was dead set on believing he was guilty, because she had seen him standing at the scene of the crime. And staying true to her word, like all good moms of the seventies, he got his butt busted, the minute they got to the car. Also staying true to good seventies parenting, the beating was followed up with, “Dry it up, or I’ll really give you something to cry about!”

Can anyone relate to that story? It sucks to be wrongly accused, or to be wrongly judged by someone. We’re all guilty of wrongly judging someone. We judge them by the way they dress, their demeanor, hair styles, clothes, color of skin, their pasts. We judge people because of their parents, or their children. We can find any reason to judge someone. And the fact of the matter is, that’s not our place.

Our job is to love. When someone does, or is accused of something wrong, often times, we tend to believe they’re guilty until proven innocent. Whether they are guilty or innocent, our job is still to love! The blood of Jesus wasn’t shed just for those we think are good. Christ didn’t give His life only for the people we like. He gave His life for all!

Judging is left up to the proper authorities. Sometimes it’s parents, maybe teachers, or the judicial system, but ultimately, Christ, who is head of all authority, is our judge.

Let’s try and refrain from judging people with our limited knowledge. The world tries to cram all kind of things down our throats, but we are to listen only to God! Let’s leave the judging up to the ones who are qualified. And whether a person is found guilty or innocent, let’s choose to love them! It’s what we’re called to do!

Make sure no one captures you. They will try to capture you by using false reasoning that has no meaning. Their ideas depend on human teachings. They also depend on the basic things the people of this world believe. They don’t depend on Christ. God’s whole nature is living in Christ in human form. Because you belong to Christ, you have everything you need. He is the ruler over every power and authority. Colossians 2:8-10

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