One Mad Momma! Lunchtime Laughter

Steve and I witnessed something hilarious a few days ago, when we were out eating lunch. It was a little early, so we were the only ones there. Now, this incident was clearly not hilarious to the people who were involved; but to us, it was dang hilarious!! Names of the place and people will be withheld. Mainly to keep me from getting my butt kicked:-).

The owner’s daughter was sitting in the dining area watching cartoons. Mom comes over and changes the channel to Fox News. The daughter protests and asks if she could watch something else. Mom says no, that she needs to go to another table, because it was lunchtime and people would be coming in. The daughter protests, yet again, and asks about another show. This time she got an even more stern “no”, and was told to move.

Mom barely had her back turned when the daughter slapped at her. Realizing that mom had seen what she had done, daughter proceeds to start waving both hands in the air to try and make mom think she didn’t slap at her. It was all we could do to keep from busting a gut! However, when we saw the rage in mom’s eyes, we thought we’d better hold off.

Mom snatched up her daughter and was about to do what any good mom would do….bust that rump for being disrespectful! There’s nowhere near enough of that happening these days. Anyway, when she did, daughter began to scream, “No, momma! No!” Which made the whole thing even funnier. What’s a mom to do? You’re sitting there in a public place, more people could walk in at any minute. To defuse the situation mom said, through gritted teeth, “You’d better get over there!!” The daughter ran outside crying. The minute she got out the door, we were practically rolling in the floor with laughter!! Been there, done that. Glad it was someone else’s child.

You’d think kids would figure out that mom has eyes in the back of her head. You’d think they’d realize that the consequences are never worth that tiny moment of pleasure when you’re giving mom ‘what for’.

It’s so easy to say that about kids, but aren’t we the same with our Heavenly Father? We do things we know we’re not supposed to do, knowing He sees. We do things, and just like the girl in the story, we try to cover it up, or make up for it by doing something good. All the while, knowing the pleasure we are about to get is temporary. And even though God is always willing to forgive, that doesn’t mean we won’t have to pay consequences for the things we’ve done. Believe me, I’ve received many spiritual butt whippings in my Christian walk. I’m just glad our God shows restraint, like the little girl’s mom did; otherwise He would just smite me where I stand!

But if we confess our sins to him, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all wickedness. 1 John 1:9

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