The Blessing Explosion

Sorry, if you read the church newsletter, this is a repeat. Most of you don’t though, and I thought you might enjoy this one 🙂

Have you ever had one of those days when you felt nothing you did was good enough? I know I sure have! One in particular, was several years ago, and I blew up like a nuclear bomb!

First off, it was progress report week at school, and Tucker had brought home really good grades. I had been bragging on him for a week! That part is good. Steve was working Tres Dias, and had tons of things to do to get ready. One of his jobs was making the name tags. I tried to help by making some for him. Tucker’s birthday was that weekend, and since he’d done so well in his progress report, and since his dad was going to be gone all weekend; I thought I’d make his favorite meal , and clean his room, and we’d celebrate before Steve left.

As I was cleaning Tuck’s room, I found his progress report. Upon reading it again, it was totally clear he had changed his grades! I was furious! I texted him and asked if he’d changed his grades. He was honest and admitted to changing them. I decided that I wasn’t going to let that get me down. I’d just continue on, and decided to show Tuck some love and mercy. After all, he was honest.

I cleaned, cooked and made name tags. I mean, I worked my butt off! Steve got home, and the name tags weren’t to his liking. Which royally ticked me off! He’s so dang picky! I let that slide, and went on making the special dinner.

Tucker comes in, goes up to his room, walks out, and asks what’s to eat. No thank you, kiss my foot, or anything for the clean room! And after I had caught him in a lie!! Steve’s still griping, trying to get everything ready to leave. Nothing I did to help seemed to be good enough.

The longer I stood there stirring, and cutting, and slaving over a hot stove, the madder I got. Not one ounce of appreciation for all I had done.

Finally, dinner was done and I offered to bless it. It went something like this. “Thank You Father for my son, even though he lies about his grades and lets me brag on him for a week. Thank You Father for my husband, even though my he is a grouchy butthole. And I thank you for all this food, and I hope nobody chokes on it!” I finished off my rant with, “Happy birthday Tucker! Happy Lord servin’ Steve!” And I walked out, slammed the door, got in my car and left.

Tuck and Steve just sat there staring at each other. Steve called and apologized, but when I got home no one had eaten, and no one was home. They were afraid I might’ve poisoned them; so I enjoyed a nice meal all by myself!

I never had, and haven’t since, exploded like that and left. I have to say though, it really felt good! I did feel a little bad for using the blessing as a means to rip my family a new one. Feeling unappreciated sucks! A simple “thank you” goes a long way.

I wonder how often our Heavenly Father feels that way about us? Do we thank Him enough? Do we spend time with Him even when things are good? Do we brag on all He does for us? Do we really appreciate Him?

I’m glad He’s not spiteful like I was that night! I’m glad He’s loving and patient with His children. I’m going to try and show more appreciation for all He does! What better way to show Him we appreciate Him than to do what’s right!

As I learn your righteous regulations, I will thank you by living as I should! Psalms 119:7

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