Farts, Facebook, And The Good News

These days, news travels fast thanks to cell phones, Facebook, twitter, and things of that nature. Within minutes a message can be spread around the world.

I, personally, think that’s a good thing. People like Anthony Wiener, for instance, may feel differently. Celebrities can’t fart without the whole world knowing. And our son Tucker can’t miss church without us finding out!

A friend of ours, Tim, has church with the inmates at the county jail every Sunday night. Just for the record, God is doing amazing things through the jail ministries! Two men were saved in the last two weeks! That’s good stuff! I just had to take a second to brag on them, and especially on God! So anyway, Tim let me know that Tucker didn’t come down for church Sunday night. I called my mom and told her. Tuck usually calls her once a week, so I asked her to ask him why he wasn’t at church. He called that afternoon, and of course she asked. He said, “Wow! It’s already made it all the way to Ft. Payne AL that I didn’t go to church!” And he thought he could do things, while he was in jail, without us finding out. Whatever! God reveals things to a praying momma!

We can’t get away with things either! I’m not just talking about things we do, I’m talking about the things we DON’T do. Like not sharing the gospel. Some of you reading this, might be more worried about me saying ‘fart’ than you are about lost souls dying and going to hell.

Maybe someone posts something, on Facebook, that offends us, and we delete them. Shouldn’t those be the people we’re trying to reach?! Maybe someone is hateful to us at the store, so we avoid going through their line. Shouldn’t we be being an example of kindness to them? We sometimes don’t want to be around ‘those’ kind if people because it might tarnish our reputations. Jesus didn’t worry about his reputation!

We have got to make being a Christ follower appealing to those who don’t know Him! News travels fast, and when Christians screw up, the world loves to beat us down. We’re going to mess up, but lets not add to the world’s ammunition by treating people badly. Especially those who aren’t always easy to treat kindly.

Let’s be more worried about people’s souls than about what they’re doing wrong. Let’s use the fact that news travels fast, to spread The Good News!

The Son of Man has come eating and drinking, and you say, ‘Look at him! A glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners!’ Luke 7:34

Jesus is a friend to sinners. Are you?

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