Should Tomorrow Never Come

Today, a friend lays her husband to rest. My heart breaks just thinking about how she, and her girls, must feel. Even though they are all fully aware that he is with God, and has received the ultimate healing, that doesn’t stop the pain of losing someone you love. This has made me evaluate my […]

Does Your Filter Need Cleaning?

I have two friends who have sons with Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of autism. I love both Brandon and Josh, and one of the main reasons is because of their pure, unfiltered honesty. If you want to know if something looks good on you, ask one of them! Trying out a new hairstyle and not […]

Tis’ The Flatulence That Binds Us

If you’re remotely involved in a small group at your church, you know that in the confines of that group of people, you make bonds. In the group, you learn to share. You also gain wisdom from fellow members. Sunday morning in our small group, I gained wisdom! Our church is awesome, to say the […]

God’s Not A Bail bondsman

Any of you ever been in jail? If so, you know the drill; they book you, set an amount for your bond, then you can call a bail bondsman. You pay him ten percent of your bond, and he will sign for you to get out. After that, if you run, he’ll find you, and […]

I’m A Basket Case

I love pretty baskets. I can shove a mess in them, shove them under the coffee table, and when you come to visit all you’re going to see is the pretty basket. You’d have to look inside the basket to see my organized mess. There’s been lots of things, over the course of my life […]

Paying For Your Raising

“You’re paying for your raising!” Or as we would say here in the South, “Yer payin’ fer yer raisin’!”, which means, your kid is just like you, and you’re getting paid back for everything you put your parents through. I’ve heard that a time or two,in my adult life. Apparently, you get paid back, even […]