Wrasslin’ At It’s Finest!

I hate to admit this, but for a brief period in my life, I loved watching wrestling; WWF, WWE, that type wrestling. For you southerners, who might be reading, wrestling is the same thing as wrasslin’. Sorry for the confusion.

Even though I knew it wasn’t real, I found myself rooting for the good guy. Usually what would happen is, the good guy would be getting pulverized by the bad guy nearly to the point of tears. Somehow the good guy would wiggle his way to the ropes, grab a hold, and the bad guy would have to let him go. That would allow the good guy to get a second wind, and he would come back and win. He’d be the one who was bruised and bloody, but he’d win.

Now that I’ve admitted the deep, dark secret that I used to watch wrasslin’, I feel like a weight has been lifted! It’s just been one of those things I’ve had a hard time talking about. You know me, I’m not one to air my dirty laundry. Clearly that was sarcasm.

For those of you who have boys, you know how dads and their sons love to wrestle. It’s always so much fun until the kid ends up crying because dad is (in mom’s opinion) way too rough. It’s usually the other way around come teenage years though. Lots of paybacks start happening.

In the bible, in Genesis chapter 32, Jacob wrestled with God. He refused to stop until God blessed him. He got his blessing alright, but he came out maimed. I wonder if God said “You’re gonna walk over here, but you’re gonna limp back!”, because that’s exactly what happened. For the rest of Jacob’s life, he walked with a limp.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve wrestled with God over things. Not physically of course, but mentally. Those of you who know me well, know that I would never engage in a physical battle for fear of getting hurt; but mentally, I’ve let God have it. Truth be known, there’s many people that I’ve ‘let have it’ mentally, but we can discuss that another time.

There are things I wrestle with God about now. The announcer walks to the mic, “In this corner, weighing in at, none of your business!! Christaaa! Hawkinsss!!” “In ALL corners, weighing in at…anyone here know how much God weighs?! The creator of the universe…GODDD!!!” It doesn’t seem like a very fair match does it? But God loves us enough to wrestle with us.

Sometimes I wiggle to the ropes so He has to let go, and sometimes I jump on His back, when I think He’s not looking, and commence with the choke hold. Sometimes I tap out, and other times, like Jacob, I refuse to stop until I get my blessing. Either way, God’s going to do what’s best for me and my situation, no matter how many times I try to wrestle Him down. Who’s the winner? We both win! I get to be honest with God, and He gives me what I need.

I’m thankful that we can be honest with God about our feelings. I’m thankful that there’s no emotion that God can’t handle, and that we are at liberty to bring our emotions to Him. We may walk over and limp back, but He’ll always be there.

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