Paying For Your Raising

“You’re paying for your raising!” Or as we would say here in the South, “Yer payin’ fer yer raisin’!”, which means, your kid is just like you, and you’re getting paid back for everything you put your parents through.

I’ve heard that a time or two,in my adult life. Apparently, you get paid back, even for the things your parents didn’t know about! Many times I’ve thought to myself, “I don’t deserve this! I wasn’t THAT bad!?”

Yesterday, I was having a conversation with my mom about how much my youngest niece is just like my sister. Mom’s reply? “Yep, she’s payin’ fer her raisin.” To which I sanctimoniously replied, “who all’s raisin’ am I having to pay for?!” Mom was quick on the draw with an answer. “Excuse me, when did you get your angel’s wings!?” Ouch! Good one mom! I was quick to tell her that just because my halo had been held up by horns, didn’t mean I wasn’t wearing one. She said “I think your halo fell off a time or two!” And she’s so right!

My halo had fallen off, or rather I had most likely tossed it to the side, many times. I’m always on my high horse about not judging people, but I realized right then, that many, many times, I had been guilty of judging my own son. Has he done things I haven’t? Most definitely! Still, his sin isn’t any messier than my own. His sin doesn’t grieve God any more than mine. Sin is sin.

I’m pretty sure, thankfully, that God is not a god of “pay backs”. If He were, we’d all be struck down pretty quickly. Do we reap what we sow? Yep! Steve and I might not have always sown the right things, but we’ve always tried to do the best with what we’ve known. We started living for The Lord a little later in life, but when we did, we planted many seeds in our sons life; and the Word of God will not return empty. It always does what it’s supposed to do! Isaiah 55:11

Thankfully, God’s will for a person’s life doesn’t depend on what their parents did, or didn’t do. Do I believe it’s easier if you’re brought up your whole life knowing the Word? I sure do! Nonetheless, God’s plans are still God’s plans, and you can be confident of this; that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. Philippians 1:6

Now, I’d better go find the halo I tossed to the side, when I got to my car last night and ‘someone’ had put a pound of Vaseline on my door handle! Almost resulting in a fall, which certainly could’ve caused serious bodily harm! Rest assured of this, I’ll not be guilty of judging that ‘someone’! No sir! I’ll pick up my halo and fervently pray for my fellow sister in Christ!

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