I’m A Basket Case

I love pretty baskets. I can shove a mess in them, shove them under the coffee table, and when you come to visit all you’re going to see is the pretty basket. You’d have to look inside the basket to see my organized mess.

There’s been lots of things, over the course of my life that I’ve shoved in baskets, so to speak. I would even do it with our son. I tried to keep him in a nice, pretty basket, but he kept climbing out! And in the small town where we live; most of the time, everyone else knew he had climbed out before I knew! Now the basket he’s in, isn’t so pretty.

Used to, I’d be embarrassed to allow people to look into my pretty, unorganized baskets. I wouldn’t want anyone to know that, although everything looked neat and tidy on the outside, inside the basket was clutter that only I could decipher.

But here’s the deal. People might not see past our baskets, but God sees right through them. And the more you keep trying to hide things, the more miserable you’ll be. God’s a gentleman, He won’t just bust up in your baskets, but if you let Him, He’ll help you turn that messiness into a message! All you have to do is ask.

Now, I’m not sure if its my age, or spiritual maturity, (not that I’ve ‘arrived’) or what, but you can look in any of my baskets if you want! What’s inside may not be pretty, but such is my life, and the life of my family. The difference now? I’ve tried to stop putting more junk into my baskets, and I allow God to help me keep them tidy.

Seriously though, you can look into my proverbial baskets all day long; but if you come to my house, don’t start digging in the baskets under my coffee table!

For everything that is hidden will eventually be brought into the open, and every secret will be brought to light. Mark 4:22

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