God’s Not A Bail bondsman

Any of you ever been in jail? If so, you know the drill; they book you, set an amount for your bond, then you can call a bail bondsman. You pay him ten percent of your bond, and he will sign for you to get out. After that, if you run, he’ll find you, and you’ll be responsible for the rest of the bond money. You’d better show up for court or else!

Some people treat God like a bail bondsman. They think, if they get in trouble, they can call on God, start doing all the right things; pay Him His ten percent so to speak, and He will come running to the rescue. They might also think that, like a bail bondsman, God is sitting on His throne, just waiting to smite them when they make a mistake, so they’ll have to pay what’s owed Him. I want y’all to understand this, God is not a bail bondsman! You can’t pay your way out of trouble.

Many times, in my life BC, I would do something stupid and say “God, if you get me out of this one I’ll never do it again!” Then I’d go through the list of things I’d promise I wouldn’t do. If I was lucky enough to get out of the mess; I would quickly forget my promises. If I had to suffer consequences, all those promises were null and void because, obviously, God did not hold up His end of the bargain!

God doesn’t operate on the payment system. God doesn’t NEED our money or our good deeds. And, the truth is, it doesn’t mean much to Him when you’re only doing good just to get out of trouble.

God desires a willing spirit, someone who wants to please Him because they love Him. God desires a relationship, not someone who only calls on Him in times of trouble. God desires obedience over sacrifice,*1 Samuel 15:22. Would you appreciate a friend who was only nice to you when they needed something? I don’t think so!

God also knows that we are going to make mistakes. And just like a best friend will not throw away your friendship over a mistake, neither will God! God is always quick to forgive. He never stops loving us. Sure, we may have to pay earthly consequences, but unlike a bail bondsman, God isn’t hoping you’ll mess up so you have to pay Him the full amount you owe. Any, and everything we have belongs to Him anyway. Plus, we could never repay our debt owed to Christ. He gave His life for us, He deserves more than for us only to call on Him only when we need something.

Try talking to Him every day. Try trusting Him with all areas of your life. It’s not easy, but it’s what’s best! Stop thinking that God blesses us because we’re ‘good’. None of us are, and never will we be, ‘good’ enough. We can’t earn God’s favor, He gives it because He loves us. Bad things will happen, because we live in a fallen world, but don’t wait until they do to talk to God. And if you do go to jail, you’ll probably want do some self evaluating; there’s a good chance you’ve got some issues going on. The good news is, our God is an expert in all issues!!

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