Tis’ The Flatulence That Binds Us

If you’re remotely involved in a small group at your church, you know that in the confines of that group of people, you make bonds. In the group, you learn to share. You also gain wisdom from fellow members. Sunday morning in our small group, I gained wisdom!

Our church is awesome, to say the least. If you look around, you’d say we have a very diverse group of people. They come from all backgrounds, and social statuses. Some have been in prison, or rehab, or both. If not themselves, then most likely they’ve had a family member who has. Most have tattoos, including myself. I’d venture to say that if you don’t have a tattoo, you’re in the minority. Here’s the deal though, we’re really not so diverse.

Every person on this earth goes through struggles. For some it’s drugs, for others it may be money. For some it’s marital problems, or trouble with their children. Whatever the case may be, you can be sure of one thing; it all involves sin! And sin is sin, no matter how much worse it looks on someone else.

That’s the beauty of being in a small group. You can share those struggles and have people pray for you. You gain accountability, which we all need. And apparently, the wisdom you gain from sharing knows no bounds.

Sunday morning, in our small group, I gained a nugget of wisdom I won’t soon forget. So simple, yet so profound, eloquently spoken by someone who had obviously experienced the pain and anguish of having been there, and done this. His exact words were…brace yourself, this is good stuff! “Never trust a fart.”

Yes, you read it right. Never trust a fart. See, I told you! That, my dear dear friends, is a keeper! One to write on the door frames of your homes, or to put on a bracelet. It could possibly be, dare I say, tattoo worthy! I couldn’t make this stuff up! It really was said in our small group! This is reason enough to join a small group, is it not?

Just going to church isn’t enough. It’s about making relationships. It’s about being involved in a family of believers, and investing in each other’s lives. It’s about mentoring those who are baby Christians, and creating leaders. It’s about passing on what God has shown you, and done in your life.

Try it! You just might learn something! And always remember, never trust a fart!

The unfolding of your words gives light; it imparts understanding to the simple. Psalm 119:139

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