So You Think You Can…..?

When Tucker, our FMoG, was little he, like most kids, would tell you what he thought even if you didn’t want to know. There were lots of times he left me standing there red faced, having to look dead in the eyes of someone he’d insulted, as he ran off playing, happy as a lark.

For instance, I was having a conversation with a friend, Tuck runs up and says “You fat!” Wow, he’s way down there, grinning like a possum, and I’m eye level with the person. I could have pinched his little head off! Another time, he yelled out that some lady had a big ol’ fat butt like a hog. I’ve never shoved a kid in the car quicker. Used to, if I didn’t have time to get ready before work, I’d put my make up on after I got there; young Tuck wouldn’t let me walk him into daycare if I didn’t have on my make up. I told him I hope he married a Holiness woman who never wore make up! Once, when I said that I had never played sports, he said ” it’s probably because you were too fat.” My best friend quickly informed him that I wasn’t fat until I had him!

Tuck had a knack for telling the truth, but when it came to tact; he was slightly deficient. He was so funny and smart. He was practically born speaking in sentences. Everyone, in spite of his tactlessness, loved being around him. He was so much fun!

You see, when you’re a kid, before life takes its toll, you just act the way God created you. You don’t know any different. Sure, there are outside influences, sure there’s work to be done; but you are just you. Whatever your personality is supposed to be, whatever you love to do, that’s what you do.

Then, often times, life happens. Maybe you love to talk and you’re told to be quiet, so you decided that what you had to say meant nothing. Maybe you asked a lot of questions and you were told to stop asking so many questions, so you figured it was bad to be inquisitive. Maybe you wanted to dance and you were told you couldn’t, so you gave up on your dream. Maybe you were very generous and you were told to stop giving all your things away, which made you think ‘things’ were more important than people. Maybe you were a touchy feely kind of person, and you were told “get off me”,and you decided your needs weren’t worth the rejection.

Life has a way of squelching our spiritual gifts before we even know they’re our spiritual gifts! I know I’m guilty of doing that to Tucker, and others I’m sure. But here’s the thing. You can be the person God created you to be!! It’s NEVER too late! Don’t let things that have happened to you dictate who you are. Ultimately, our goal should be to please Christ, and it pleases Him when we do what He wants us to do. Plus we’re happier people when that’s what we’re doing.

I fully expect that, before its over with, Tucker will be a person who tells people the Truth. I also expect that he’ll do it in love, and with tact, because that’s how God created him! Life happened and he got off track, but I am confident of this. God started a good work in Tucker, and He will complete His good work! *Phillipians 1:6

Don’t give up on yourself and your dreams. Don’t give up on the ones you love. God is good and He still works miracles! Trust Him to complete His good works.

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