Sing It Sister! Giddy Up Ah Oompah Pa Oompah Pa Mow Mow!

Younger siblings are often the source of laughter in a family, mine was no exception. She would always say the cutest, funniest things. I’m four years older than my sis, so everything she said was always way cuter than anything I could’ve possibly said. Not that there was ever any jealousy.

I guess it was in the early eighties when the song Elvira, by the Oakridge Boys came out. For those of you who are too young to know the song, or those of you who are old enough, but were apparently living under a rock and missed it, I’ll post a link to the video.

It was a catchy song. So catchy, that I can still sing it to this day. One thing that made the song so memorable to me, was the fact that my little sister, Melissa, loved this song!

The Oakridge Boys are a quartet, so in true quartet fashion, they would always showcase the guy who sang bass. He sang the hook which was, “giddy up ah oompah pa oompah pa mow mow”. Melissa was around seven I guess, and she would sing that part as if there was no tomorrow!

She would get her voice as low as it would go, which, for a seven year old isn’t very low. To try and help her get even lower, when she sang it she would tuck her chin, as if she thought the lower her chin was, the lower she could sing. We’d all make a big deal about how she sounded JUST like that Oakridge Boy. The funny thing is, she obviously believed it, because she, without fail, sang with all her might anytime that song was on the radio. I swear, it was the cutest, funniest thing to witness that! I wish I had video evidence!

You know, it’s amazing what an encouraging word will do! If you build someone up, they feel like they can do anything. For the love! A little encouragement made a seven year old girl think she could sing bass like an Oakridge Boy!

What if we used our words only to build people up? What if we used all our words for good? I don’t mean live in a fantasy world of giggles, gumdrops, rainbows and unicorns. I mean, after all, there are times when we have to discipline or call a brother or sister out on something. But even if those things are done in love, They help to build up a person. And I sure don’t mean do things like, tell someone they should try out for American Idol, when clearly, all they can do is make a joyful noise; and it ain’t very joyful!

Sometimes it seems as if Christians are the world’s worst to tear each other down, and words can hurt bad! Let’s just start choosing our words carefully. Say a little prayer before we react to a comment or a situation. Think about how what we’re about to say would make us feel, if those words were being said to us. Let’s build each other up! And just for kicks and giggles, sing Elvira at the top of your lungs! Come on! You know you want to!

1 Thessalonians 5:11“So encourage each other and build each other up, just as you are already doing.”

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