Jesus. Febreeze For The Soul

Have you ever thought you were going to be alone and pooted, only for someone to walk in seconds after you had relieved yourself? It’s embarrassing, to say the least. You don’t know whether to just admit it, tell them your sewage must be backed up, or ask them to help you pray that whatever evil spirit is in your house be cast out in the name of Jesus!

This happened to a friend of mine this very weekend. We were all serving at Tres Dias, (if you don’t know about TD, look it up!) which means there are several women rooming together, in one big room. She thought she had a few minutes of alone time, in which she chose to expel her noxious fumes. When my friend and I walked in, she said hello and then immediately asked, overly nonchalantly, “does it smell funny in here to y’all?” Famous last words!

Those who know me well, know that I’ll not let a chance pass by to harass someone about something embarrassing, no matter how well, or how little I know someone. My response to her question? “Why, have you been laid up in here farting?” Sorry to have used the “F” word, I know it’s not very ladylike, but it was only for dramatic effect I assure you. After the deer in headlights look passed, which clearly meant the answer was yes; she burst out laughing and confessed.

Passing gas is a lot like sin. You can do it so that no one sees or hears you, but that foul smell can follow you, and eventually people start to realize the severity of your stench. And just because no one sees or hears you, doesn’t mean that someone isn’t left in the room to marinate in it!

Sin affects everyone in our lives, and they don’t even have to know what we’re doing. It affects our attitudes, our jobs, our relationships, our finances; but most of all, it hinders our relationship with Christ. We may think we’re getting away with something, but we’re not! We might be able to hide our sin from people, but we can’t hide from God. And eventually, we’ll have the same feeling my friend had when we walked in after her ‘pootfest’….busted!

When that happens, the solution is simple. Confess your sin to God, and ask Him to help. Walk away from the sin and don’t look back! God does do-overs, and nothing we do is ever a surprise to Him. He won’t force us to turn to Him, but He’s always waiting with open arms, ready and more than willing to forgive! Like air freshener to a poot, so is our God to sin! He gets rid of all the mess and makes us fresh and clean!

Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from The Lord. Acts 3:19

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