Prodigal Update: Get Your ‘Get Out Of Egypt Free’ Card!

Joseph, Mary, and Jesus stayed in Egypt until Herod died. This fulfilled yet another prophecy. The prophet Hosea once wrote, “Out of Egypt I called My Son.” Matthew 2:15

I heard a sermon once on this verse. Egypt was not a good place, they worshiped false gods and lived any way they wanted. Why then, would God send Jesus to stay there? Maybe it was because Herod wouldn’t have thought to look there.

I’m not sure, but I know this, just like the preacher who preached this sermon, we’ve all been in our own little Egypt. That dark place where everything around you seemed bad, and for just a minute, there was no hope in sight. Then, just in the nick of time….“Out of Egypt God called His Son (or daughter)!”

Prison was this particular preacher’s Egypt, but out of Egypt God called His son! Now, what satan meant for evil, God uses for His glory!

Our son Tucker is in his Egypt; locked behind the bars of a jail, and he’s seemed to have been struggling lately. I think having been in there so long is starting to get to him. At first, I admit, it bothered me to see him struggling, but God told me to simmer down. He reminded me that it’s all part of the process Tucker needs to work through. God also reminded me that this journey Tuck’s on isn’t about his comfort or happiness; it’s about getting him to a place where all he can do is cry out to God. So, I sit back and pray for God’s will, and for God to do whatever it takes to reach His son. Those are the hardest words a parent could ever pray, especially when your son is such a strong willed young man. We trust and believe that God is saying to Tuck, “Out of Egypt I call My Son.” He has big plans for our boy, our FMoG! And He always comes through in the nick of time!

Some of you were locked in a dark cell,
cruelly confined behind bars, Punished for defying God’s Word, for turning your back on the High God’s counsel—
A hard sentence, and your hearts so heavy, and not a soul in sight to help.
Then you called out to God in your desperate condition; he got you out in the nick of time. He led you out of your dark, dark cell, broke open the jail and led you out. So thank God for his marvelous love, for his miracle mercy to the children he loves; He shattered the heavy jailhouse doors, he snapped the prison bars like matchsticks! Psalm 107:10-16

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