Anger Ticks Me Off!!

Anger. It’s the emotion that makes me the angriest! I’m the kind of person who will replay a scenario over and over in my head. I’m either upset because I ripped someone a new one, or upset that I didn’t.

I’ll replay different scenes in my head of me doing this or that, and the other person cowering to me in utter fear. People who know me well are cracking up at that! My mind is probably the only place a scene like that’s ever going to happen.

The thing is, there are very few incidences in my life where I’ve held on to anger, or resentment for very long. Once I replay it in my head a few billion times, burn anyone’s ear up who’ll listen, then come to my senses and pray; I usually see the pettiness of it all and let it go.

It’s hard though, to let go of some things. Last night, a friend of mine said she felt like if she forgave this person who’d hurt her, she would be excusing what he’d done. She said she realized that’s not true. Forgiveness doesn’t mean that you excuse what someone has done, or that you have to like the person. Forgiveness means that you release them. You no longer let them consume your thoughts, you don’t hate them, and they no longer have control over you. Forgiving others releases you from bondage; it doesn’t excuse wrong doing. And boy does that feel good!

If you’re holding on to a hurt, give it to God! He can handle anything you give Him. Don’t let a person, or situation have control over you any longer.

Think about it….if a person, or situation is consuming our lives; we’re obviously putting that before God. We’re basically saying to the creator of the universe that He’s not big enough to take care of our problem. We’re telling Him that we don’t trust Him. And if you’re like me, quite often I’m saying with my mouth, “I trust You God”, but my actions tell a different story.

We can trust God. I have to remind myself of this a lot! James 1:6-8 says, “Anyone who doubts is like a wave in the sea, blown up and down by the wind. Such doubters are thinking two different things at the same time, and they cannot decide about anything they do. They should not think they will receive anything from the Lord.” I don’t want to be a doubter! I don’t want to be a person who doesn’t receive from The Lord! How bout you?

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