God’s Favorite Booger

I think my brain is overworked! We had trunk or treat at our church last night, and I’m afraid I might’ve drained myself of all creative juices working on our trunk and our costumes; because I sure am struggling to come up with anything good to say this morning. For those of you not on […]

The SpecialEST Of The Special!

Every day is special. Some days are more special than others indeed, but each day is a gift from God. He could choose not to wake us, but if you’re reading this, He obviously thought you were worth waking, and He has something great for you! Every person, who’s living and breathing, is special. Certainly, […]

Does My Cussing Offend You?

At our store, (Hawk’s Hometown Flooring, located on Hwy 11, in Springville, Al. Directly across from Oneeighty Church) I frequently have guys come in looking for work. It’s just a fact, albeit a sad one, that a lot of the guys who want to do this type work aren’t the, how shall I put this, […]

What Idiot Would Do That?!

One day I was reading something on Facebook, I didn’t quite get it, but I hit the ‘like’ button anyway. My train of thought was to let the person know that I had read their post; you know, a sign of support. The more I thought about the post, it bugged me that I wasn’t […]

Prodigal Parenting. Seek Or Go Hide

I used to get so mad at God for outcome of certain areas of my life. I would often ask Him, ” Why would you take our daughter, and then allow our son to turn out like this? I would look at people and think to myself, “Our parenting was way better than theirs, and […]

‘Four Letter’ Words With Friends

Disclaimer: If you read the Oneeighty newsletter, this is a revised repeat. If you’ve opened this blog, you just might have a potty mouth. Not to mention, I may, or may not, have added something you need to see! Thank you. Proceed. By now, a lot of you know me and, most likely, think I’m […]

Let Downs That Lead To Meltdowns

Have you ever been let down by someone you love? I know I have. It’s probably one of the worst feelings in the world. It’s one of the darkest feelings. It feels like your world is crashing in around you? Yesterday was that kind of day. Oh, I covered well. I’m good at pretending everything […]