Sex, Drugs, Money, And One REALLY Annoying Sound

My friend Kenny and I have been friends since we were fifteen. At our age, that’s a long time! When I first met my husband, Steve, I warned him that Kenny was part of the package. Fortunately, for Steve, he was willing to accept the package deal. I’m pretty sure that there was a few times he’s regretted that deal.

Over the years, Steve’s put up with our antics graciously. He’s only lost it a couple of times, and if you’ve ever been around me and Kenny, that says a LOT about Steve’s character. He’s a very patient man, to say the least. So, when God decided it was time for Kenny to have a wife, she too had to be an extremely patient person; so God sent Jennifer. He knew she could handle our annoying antics on occasion.

One night we all went out to dinner. It was pretty crowded so they sat us at a table in the bar section. We were the only ones in the room, except the poor victim, I mean, lady at the bar.

Out of the clear blue, Kenny started making this high pitched, squealing noise. The whole time he was making the noise he was acting as if he were trying to find where it was coming from, so, I followed his lead. “What IS that?!” I’d ask. He’d shrug his shoulders. All the while, we’d be looking under the table, in light fixtures, in our purses. You name it, we looked in it or under it. He’d stop for a few minutes and we’d talk, then he’d start back up.

The lady at the bar had started looking too! At first she was watching intently, but after about twenty or so minutes, you could tell she was clearly becoming annoyed. So was Steve and Jennifer, not to mention Jen’s daughter Jordan. She was TICKED. Finally, the lady got up and left, which totally made me and Kenny crack up! Steve, Jennifer and Jordan were hopeful that no one else would be seated back there to become victim number two!

That poor lady looking for the sound, is like people who can’t find hope. They look, and look, and look, but hope is nowhere to be found. They look for hope in alcohol, drugs, sex, relationships, a spouse, their careers, money, hobbies, their children, material things; you name it, they tried it, but hope can’t be found in any of those things. Finally, they hit rock bottom, and there’s nowhere to look but up!

Try as you might to find hope elsewhere, hope is ONLY found in Jesus Christ. You can possess anything and everything your heart desires, but without Christ it’s all worthless. You can have no earthly possessions whatsoever, and not have a penny to your name, yet you can be hopeful, if you have Jesus in your heart.

All of us were created to worship Jesus, period, point blank. Unless you’re doing what you were created to do, there will be a void. Drugs, alcohol, sex, and all those other things, only bring momentary pleasure; after that’s over, you’re more empty than ever, and the search continues. That void that can only be filled by Jesus.

If you feel you have no hope, look to the One who IS hope! Stop chasing false hope before its too late.

5 Why are you down in the dumps, dear soul? Why are you crying the blues?
Fix my eyes on God, my only hope— soon I’ll be praising again. He puts a smile on my face. He’s my God. Psalm 43:5

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