Wiping. It’s Overrated

When Tucker, our son, was little, somewhere between five and seven; he was a sight! He said and did the funniest things. He was a very smart kid and started “knowing it all” pretty early.

One day I walked into the bathroom to find a surprise in the potty. Poop, but not one square of toilet paper. I went to find little Mr. know-it-all to see if he had indeed pooped without wiping.

When I found him, he was happily playing. He wasn’t walking funny. There was no pungent odor upon getting closer. So I asked him, “Tucker, did you just doo-doo?” “Yes” he answered. “Ok. Number one, why didn’t you flush? Number two, why is there no toilet paper in the commode?” I guess he didn’t hear the first question, because he looked at me with the most matter of fact look on his face and said, “Momma, I know when I need to wipe!”

I wanted to bust a gut right there, but I explained to him how gross that was and that, no matter what, when he pooped, he HAD to wipe! To this day, one of our favorite Tucker quotes is, ” Momma, I know when I need to wipe!”

Lots of times, I think that’s the very attitude I get with God. “I know when I need to”_____fill in the blank. Maybe I just don’t want to take the time to read my bible. Maybe I don’t want to stop watching that show I know I shouldn’t be watching. Maybe I don’t want to stop saying that word. Maybe I want to tell that dirty joke. I know when I need to do all those things! On MY time! Ugh. What a sucky, immature attitude.

When God tells us to do, or not to do something, it’s because it’s what’s best for us, not because He wants to deprive us of anything. The “I know when I need to wipe” attitude often lands us in some stinky situations. Then, we’re begging God to help. Fortunately for us, He’s so forgiving, and although His timing rarely ever seems quick enough for us, He’s always there when we call, and He pulls us out of our stinky messes.

We shouldn’t wait until we’re in a mess to cry out to God. We should keep open communication with Him. Let’s get rid of the “I know when I need to wipe” attitude, and do what we know God wants us to do. Let’s wipe even when we don’t need to….so to speak.

I’ll forever wipe the slate clean of their sins. Hebrews 10:17 The Message

I will praise the Eternal in every moment through every situation. Whenever I speak, my words will always praise Him. Psalm 34:1 The Voice bible

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