Bug Guts, Tree Sap, And God’s Neverending Wisdom

This is sad to admit but, yesterday I was hoping it would rain because my windshield was so dirty I could hardly see. Why don’t I wash my car? Because, at the moment, we have a dirt driveway and it would do no good. Plus I’m having to park under trees, and thus the sap that’s crusting up my windshield, not to mention the bug guts!

I was on the phone with my mom, as I usually am, on the way home from work. We were discussing our days, when I happen to mention how I wished it would rain so that I could have a clean windshield. She asked me why I didn’t just use my washer fluid. I explained to her that I was out, due to the fact that I’m way behind in having my oil changed. That’s when she conveniently told me, she just recently found out, they fill up your washer fluid when they change your oil.
All these years, mom thought her car had miraculously replenished itself with washer fluid; that apparently there was some neverending supply?!

I was so shocked! Especially having thought that I’d gotten most of my wisdom from my mom! Had I been wrong? What if ALL the wisdom mom had passed on to my sister and me was wrong?! Is this really how you make biscuits? Do people really have to brush their teeth before bed? Do you really have to be running a fever, or violently vomiting, to miss school? Does your bedroom really have to be clean? Is there really nothing to do after 10pm?!

I felt as if my world was crumbling before my very eyes. How could this be? How could someone, once believed to be the wisest woman on the planet, believe such nonsense? Do my biscuits really suck, and no one has the heart to tell me?! Would my teeth fall out if I didn’t brush at bedtime?! Could I have stayed out of school if I had a slight headache?! Would the health department declare my room unfit if there were dirty clothes in the floor?! Is there life after 10pm?!? What all have I missed?!?

Panic was setting in. “Breathe Christa! Breathe!” Inhale, exhale. “Pray. That’s what I need to do!” So, I prayed. Ah! The peace that passes all understanding! God calmed my spirit, and reminded me that we all make mistakes. He reminded me of all the wise things I had learned from my mom. Then He reminded me of the most important thing of all; true, godly wisdom is the best wisdom anyone can have, and it’s available to everyone! Young, old, smart, not so smart, rich, poor, fat, skinny…all you have to do is ask! And although the neverending supply of washer fluid doesn’t exist; neverending godly wisdom is alive and real!

I’m thankful it rained last night, and hopefully, I can now see to drive. I’m also thankful that God blessed me with such a wise, albeit a tad ditzy, mom. And I’m truly thankful for the wisdom God graciously gives when we ask.

If you don’t have all the wisdom needed for this journey, then all you have to do is ask God for it; and God will grant all that you need. He gives lavishly and never scolds you for asking. James 1:5

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