Eeny Meeny Miney Mo. Decision Making At It’s Finest

Eeny meeny miney mo is defined in The Urban Dictionary like this : A method of decision making mainly used by young children and stoners, as you go by each object you say 1 of the words until you’re done with the phrase. There are two versions of this, version 1 is a process of elimination and version 2 is a more quick method.

We won’t get into the versions, but you get the picture? This is a system by which someone is chosen randomly for a task or a game. I’m still trying to figure out why stoners use this?? Maybe that’s how they pick who gets to roll the joint?

Anyway, there have been a lot of times in my life when the decisions I’ve made may as well have been done by eeny meeny miney mo. I probably would’ve gotten the same, or better results. The better part of my adult years were spent making rather stupid, uninformed decisions. Why did I make stupid, uninformed decisions? Because I chose to be uninformed!

I used to wonder, and still often joke about, why wisdom is wasted on older people. I sure could’ve used wisdom when I was younger. The truth of the matter is that wisdom is available to anyone, young or old.

True wisdom comes only from God. By reading His word, by surrounding ourselves with godly, like minded people. Wisdom is seeking godly counsel and praying before making decisions. The truth is, young people are just as capable of gaining wisdom, as those of us who are gracefully aging.

One of my biggest parenting mistakes was not equipping our son to make decisions. I made just about all of them for him. I didn’t teach him the importance of prayer, and to seek Christ. I didn’t equip him with the confidence of knowing he was capable to make good decisions. I guess I just wanted things to be good for him, but the truth is, sometimes we just have to let our children fall in order to teach them how to get back up.

If you are uninformed, that’s your choice! If you make bad decisions, that’s your choice too. If you have a young person in your life, don’t sell them short! Teach them that they are more than capable of making wise decisions. God grants wisdom to anyone who will ask….ANYONE! Teach them the power of prayer and how to listen to God. Eeny meeny miney mo is not always effective. And you can rest assured that God does nothing randomly. He is an on purpose kind of God!

Start with God—the first step in learning is bowing down to God; only fools thumb their noses at such wisdom and learning. Proverbs 1:7

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