Prodigal Parenting. Seek Or Go Hide

I used to get so mad at God for outcome of certain areas of my life. I would often ask Him, ” Why would you take our daughter, and then allow our son to turn out like this?

I would look at people and think to myself, “Our parenting was way better than theirs, and look at their children! They seemed to have turned out just fine.” I seriously couldn’t understand. It seemed like a cruel joke. I wanted to crawl under a rock and not have to deal with anything, ever again!

Then, instead of acting like a spoiled, whiney baby, and constantly complaining to God, I decided that I would seek Him, and when I did, He started revealing things to me. You know, God’s pretty cool like that. Seek and you will find! That concept works every single time!

First off, He let me know that we could tell people that at least one of our children was a perfect little angel. That she never did anything wrong! I say that partly in jest, but hey, we take what we can get! He let me know really quickly that Tucker hadn’t ‘turned out’ any certain way yet; that indeed, He wasn’t finished with young Tucker! He told me to simmer down, trust Him, and to wait on Him. So I wait. Sometimes, but not always, I wait patiently.

Yesterday Tuck called and asked me to pray that he would not be sent to a level 4 prison, that God would show him favor, and he’d get sent to a work release program. I could hear the sincerity in his voice. I assured him that we, and lots of others, are always praying for Him. Then I gently assured him that favor with God depended on his personal relationship with Him, not mine. I told him that if he wanted to find favor with God, he’s not going to get it by riding on my coattail. As parents, one of the most difficult prayers you can pray is that God’s will be done. Have you read the bible?! His will was, most always, accomplished by someone having gone through hardship. BAD hardship. However, at this point, I have the “whatever it takes Lord” attitude. Or at least I’m trying!

Indeed, God is using this situation to reach Tuck. He’s got no choice but to cry out to the only One who can help him. The best, and only, thing any of the rest of us can do is pray for God’s will, and encourage Tucker to turn to Him, and constantly remind him that God’s got big plans for him!

It’s so nice to have a conversation with our son, about God, and he not get all defensive. That’s a win in my opinion! That’s growth. I’ll take baby steps all day long!! Just as long as he’s taking steps!

God has given Tuck a door, all he has to do is open it. Simple as that. Once that door is opened for us, it’s a door no one else can close. The good thing is, God’s such a generous, loving, forgiving God, He continuously gives us doors to open. Time after time, after time, His righteous right hand never tires! I sure am thankful! If He was
A God who tired, my family and I would’ve worn Him slap out by now!

Please pray with us that Tuck has the courage to open, and walk through the door, and never look back. Pray that God’s will be done in his life, and that His plans for Tuck will be fulfilled. Thanks in advance!

I will give him the key to the house of David—the highest position in the royal court. When he opens doors, no one will be able to close them; when he closes doors, no one will be able to open them. Isaiah 22:22

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